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Daily Infographic: Instacart to pay $46.5 million to over 300,000 workers in settlement

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  1. Tae Stewart

    I honestly think shoppers around the world felt the pain this platform has brought. I live in Illinois and i lost more then i earned due to many reasons. Now i’m stuck thinking how come no one is doing anything for all places where instacart is active.

  2. Ali Silvia

    I wish someone did a lawsuit for instacart shoppers in Connecticut. Lost batches/money because of their server problems. Sometimes it takes forever to reach shopper support. We don’t ever get any live person to talk to unless your in an active batch. But if you aren’t good luck reaching help. And when you do, all they ever do is apologize, tell you how they understand, and solve everything with a $5 bump. I lost a $50 batch yesterday due to their server problems. I couldn’t even start it and when I tried to reach help so I wouldn’t lose my batch, there was no help to be found. So, I lost my $50 batch. When I finally reached support the next day/today all they gave me was an apology and a $5 bump. Which I didn’t even get once I ended the chat, no $5 either. So, I got $0 for the $50 I lost because of them. Instacart doesn’t give a crap about their shoppers. We don’t get health benefits, we pay for our own taxes (double) and we never get truly compensated for their mistakes. We are just slaves on their platform!!! Trying to survive and make money the best we can. I wish someone had said them in CT so every shopper here can get the restitution they deserve from a multi billion dollar company that does nothing for their employees, or as they like to call us “independent contractor”.

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