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Leveraging driver choice to recruit, retain and produce — Taking the Hire Road

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Peter Covach, industry solutions adviser at Trimble, joins this week’s episode of Taking the Hire Road to talk about driver choice and how it fits into the driver recruitment and retention process, among other topics he discusses with host Jeremy Reymer, founder and CEO of DriverReach.

A carrier’s profitability plays a major role in the range of choices it can extend to drivers, but so do other preferences. Covach said a lot of times conversations with drivers get stuck in the weeds on preference items that the right technology tool could swiftly automate, moving discussions forward.

“When tooling combines with curation and oversight from the company, you have an opportunity to take [conversations] to the next level, taking it to where drivers are empowered to complete their daily activities,” Covach said.

In addition to Trimble’s acquisition of leading TMS provider Kuebix, Covach said that Trimble’s transportation management platform goes above and beyond with new solutions, customers and lanes for its carriers, working both sides to ensure freight options are plentiful in furthering choice for its driver customers.

Covach said he’s really excited to see his customers prioritize drivers’ choice in many aspects of their job, including dispatching and picking their own loads to haul — within the parameters of ensuring carrier profitability.

“From shipper and carrier all the way down to the driver’s experience, we have the opportunity to control end-to-end what the solution is, and ultimately provide the best experience,” Covach said. “There’s no other player that has the breadth of technology available to them like Trimble has; that’s where we can show how the Trimble difference is put into play when a whole suite of tools are working together.”

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