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Managing toll with BestPass — Taking the Hire Road

Toll management during travel can be a headache — one many fleets know all too well. Companies like BestPass are dedicated to helping fleets keep track of their bill and mitigate surprises using their product, the BestPass portal.

This portal gives fleets access to on-demand reporting for toll charges by vehicle, helps them completely understand their bill and gives insight into what routes are the most costly. There is also a feature that allows them to set alerts to flag unauthorized use.

“If you try and manage your own toll program, you have to register with multiple agencies, figure out who to call when you have a problem, you have multiple devices in your vehicle, or you have drivers forced to stop and pay cash or exchange value in other ways,” said Tom Fogarty, CEO of BestPass. “Keeping track of all that is one thing for the folks on the road, but it’s completely different for the back-office folks that try to make sense of everything they’re getting billed for. I feel confident in the value that we offer to our customers.”

With a background in technology, Fogarty is among the many in the industry who believe actively leveraging and embracing technology is the fastest and easiest way to improve efficiency to help increase profits. 

“Looking at the technology in vehicles, and supporting the industry today versus just five years ago, it has been a major sea change, exacerbated by some of the pressures put on the industry,” Fogarty said. “We’re not in the red zone in terms of the value that we can deliver, both at BestPass and in the industry as a whole.” 

With nearly 2 million vehicles under management and over 20,000 customers, BestPass is in the best position to help fleets with toll management, Fogarty firmly believes. Being linked to a toll management system allows for the toll process to flow more smoothly.

According to Fogarty, BestPass is connected to every toll authority of note in the U.S., allowing drivers to travel coast to coast without the worry of unnecessarily increasing bills on both the driver and fleet sides of operations.

“No matter who they use, people ought to take this problem seriously because I know there’s headaches out there that they’re having [regarding toll management],” Fogarty said. “They need to know this solution exists.”

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