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O’Connor named YRC COO; remains president of YRC Freight

Less-than-truckload carrier YRC Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:YRCW) said Thursday it has named T.J. O’Connor the company’s chief operating officer, filling a post vacant since April 2018 when then-COO Darren Hawkins was promoted to the CEO position.

O’Connor will remain as president of YRC Freight, YRC’s long-haul unit. He will report to Hawkins, the company said.

O’Connor has spent 35 years in the LTL industry, starting with the former Roadway Express, which YRC, then known as Yellow Freight Corp., acquired in 2013. He became president of YRC Freight in January 2018.

On Tuesday, Justin Hall announced that he was stepping down as YRC’s chief customer officer, a position that was newly created when Hall filled it three years ago. YRC has not determined if it will replace Hall or if it will maintain the position.

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  1. It’s sad that during the last 10 years YRC Freight has saved billions and billions of dollars with the concessions off the backs of Labor and has not paid off their debt. It is because of this lack of fiscal responsibility that the company has short changed their employees financially and with their pensions. Now with a very aged workforce that cannot retire, YRC Freight is stuck a phenomenal percentage of employees that don’t really care. A once-proud, engaged, empowered Roadway workforce that was the best in the industry is now apathetic, physically broken down with zero morale. The only thing keeping employees working right now is overtime for without overtime employees would do absolutely nothing! We run the show!!! Trust me, I’m telling the truth. 🙁

    1. We do run the show but now we aren’t doing what really needs to be done for them to give us back what we deserve

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