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Rose Rocket announces integration of order management platform with Geotab

Trucking companies that use Geotab’s platform and that are looking to give their customers more insight into shipments can now utilize Rose Rocket’s order management platform, which has been integrated with Geotab. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Rose Rocket has announced its order management platform is now available for use with Geotab’s software development kit, allowing for the seamless integration with the Geotab platform.

Rose Rocket is a transportation management software provider that also offers a “front-end” product it has coined “order management for trucking.” It is an enterprise-grade customer portal for enterprise and mid-market customers that sits on top of existing technology. This enables carriers and brokers to enable their customers to submit orders, management documents, and communicate regardless of the platform each uses.

The integration with Geotab will specifically allow carriers to use both GPS and hours-of-service data to offer shippers track-and-trace tools through the user interface.

“Rose Rocket is on a mission to modernize the trucking industry by helping organizations become more customer-centric so that they can differentiate themselves and succeed,” Justin Baillie, co-founder and chief strategy officer for Rose Rocket, said in a statement. “With this new solution, Rose Rocket is helping transform the order management experience by allowing the business-to-business market to have increased visibility into orders, ultimately helping to increase overall transparency for customers.”

Rose Rocket’s order management platform, seen here, has been integrated with Geotab’s system to give trucking companies more tools to offer shippers, including track and trace and real-time ETA. (Photo: Rose Rocket)

Baillie said the goal is to drive more value for fleet owners through the enablement of real-time track-and-trace capabilities. Through this particular integration, fleet owners gain access to the real-time GPS location of their vehicles coupled with hours-of-service data of each driver, which is then displayed on the order information within the Rose Rocket system. This data is made available to a shipper through Rose Rocket’s enterprise-grade portal technology via a map-based user interface.

Shippers can log in to view estimated time of arrival to maximize dock efficiency and decrease driver detention, Rose Rocket said.

“As a company dedicated to helping fleet owners and managers improve their productivity and safety, Geotab is proud to provide companies like Rose Rocket with the flexibility to integrate with our open APIs to create customizable and high-class solutions,” said Glenn Jamieson, Vice President of Corporate Development at Geotab. “Through this open platform approach, Geotab is helping to enable current and future partners to access our robust and dynamic ecosystem around the globe.” 

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