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Second peak shipping week hits snag as Mother Nature intervenes

The second week of the peak holiday shipping season, which included the Cyber Monday online buying bonanza, didn’t go as well as the first. Inclement weather in parts of the country played the delivery Grinch, according to data from consultancy ShipMatrix released Dec. 11.

UPS Inc.’s (NYSE:UPS) on-time performance came in at 92.7%, FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX) at 90.4%, the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS) at 92.3%, and Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) at 93.7%, ShipMatrix said. Last-mile deliveries accounted for the bulk of the Amazon reading.

The results were substantially below the first week’s results, which saw the four main parcel carriers effectively hit it out of the on-time delivery park.

Deliveries in and around New England suffered the most, as heavy snowfall resulted in about 20% of residents not receiving their packages when they had been promised, according to ShipMatrix data.

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Mark Solomon

Formerly the Executive Editor at DC Velocity, Mark Solomon joined FreightWaves as Managing Editor of Freight Markets. Solomon began his journalistic career in 1982 at Traffic World magazine, ran his own public relations firm (Media Based Solutions) from 1994 to 2008, and has been at DC Velocity since then. Over the course of his career, Solomon has covered nearly the whole gamut of the transportation and logistics industry, including trucking, railroads, maritime, 3PLs, and regulatory issues. Solomon witnessed and narrated the rise of Amazon and XPO Logistics and the shift of the U.S. Postal Service from a mail-focused service to parcel, as well as the exponential, e-commerce-driven growth of warehouse square footage and omnichannel fulfillment.


  1. You need to check this out !

    Quote :
    1 dead near Brockville, 30-vehicle pileup near Napanee in blinding Hwy 401 snow squalls

    EVERY FREAKING YEAR ! Every year this happens like clockwork on that particular highway . What does that tell you ? Go look at what one of the trucks looks like that got caught up in that pile up ! Unfreaking believable !

    They are ALL to blame . They can’t drive for beans ! Experienced and or unexperienced , every freaking year this occurs !

    I dubbed that highway , “suicide highway” especially during the day time !

    And this is only the first , you’ll see . More unfortunately will definitely occur . I unfortunately guarantee it .

    Furthermore that province increased the speed limit for everyone but CMV’s on that highway . CMV’s have SPEED LIMITERS and still some CMV’s cause and get caught up in these pileups !!!

    So clearly speed limiters are a freaking joke and an insult to our intelligence and furthermore increasing the speed limit for everyone else except for CMV’s is just as pathetic .

    And now they’re trying to sell more BS that autonomous trucks will be safer ??? ROTFLMAO ! Wait when they come out and ride on that highway in winter . It’s a jungle out there due to the majority of people using that highway behave like animals . No I take that back , animals tend to wiser and more prudent !

    There are some videos on YouTube that show what occurs when visibility in winter on that highway encounters in regards to motorists .

    You can literally see some trucks and cars zooming on the highway without knowing and or seeing that just ahead of them there is a pileup of vehicles . And they come zooming in and BAM ! , BAM ! , BAM ! One after the other , it’s truly insane .

    I can understand that some drivers are under pressure to deliver , but come on , get off at an exit and sit it out until it clears up . And if in Canada at least check Environment Canada and the weather forecast before heading out .

    Here I’ll quote the warning it stated today :

    “Gusty winds will accompany these snow squalls at times, resulting in periods of blowing snow.
    Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow. Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility in some locations. Road closures are possible.”

    RE-QUOTE :

    “Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow.”

    Apparently these people didn’t do their DD nor did they take prudent measures to mitigate their risks .

    Be Vigilant !

    In my humble opinion ………..

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