Teamsters oppose under-21 CDL pilot proposal

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters union has joined the majority of early commenters rejecting a proposed pilot program to lower the restriction for an interstate commercial driver’s license (CDL) from 21 to 18.

Roughly 75 percent of the 180 comments filed so far – just days after Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced the proposal on May 14 – have come out against the initiative, mostly for safety reasons. The Teamsters agree.

“The decision by the FMCSA to propose a pilot program that would lower the commercial driver’s license restriction from 21 to 18 is of grave concern to those who use the roadways as their workplace every day,” Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa said in a statement.

Hoffa noted that restricting a similar ongoing three-year pilot program to veterans with military driving experience, as stipulated when Congress reauthorized the last highway bill, is needed to counter the “enormous safety risks inherent with having teenagers running tractor trailers” in interstate commerce.

“Ignoring that decision and unilaterally deciding to explore a much broader pilot program represents a dismissive wave of the hand to the will of Congress,” Hoffa said.

Both the FMCSA and the American Trucking Associations (ATA) have cited a shortage of drivers – and the fact that younger drivers are already allowed to drive commercially within state boundaries – as a reason for evaluating their safety performance using an interstate pilot project.

After a bill to allow drivers under 21 to haul commercially was reintroduced in Congress in February with bipartisan support, ATA President and CEO Chris Spear commented that it “demonstrates how real a threat the driver shortage presents to our nation’s economic security over the long-term – and how serious our lawmakers are about addressing it with common-sense solutions,” Spear said.

But the Teamsters contend that the FMCSA’s proposed pilot is attempting to address a driver shortage that “mainly plagues one subset of the trucking industry,” referring to the large-carrier truckload sector, a Teamsters spokesman told FreightWaves. That sector is a significant portion of ATA’s membership.

“Instead of discussing the rampant turnover that part of industry faces, or the low pay and tough working conditions those drivers endure, we are disappointed to see the agency only focus on how they can get more drivers into these jobs with no suggestions of how to improve the quality of the work while they are there,” Hoffa said.

“Younger drivers should not be expected to tolerate substandard working conditions any more than their older counterparts. Asking them to do so while also potentially jeopardizing the safety of all road users only makes this decision more troubling.”

FMCSA’s proposal, in addition to any general comments, is asking for public comment on two specific questions:

  • What data are currently available on the safety performance (e.g., crash involvement, etc.) of 18-20-year-old drivers operating CMVs [commercial motor vehicles] in intrastate commerce?
  • Are there concerns about obtaining insurance coverage for drivers under 21 who operate CMVs in intrastate commerce, and would these challenges be greater for interstate operations?

Comments on the proposal are due July 15.

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John Gallagher, Washington Correspondent

Based in Washington, D.C., John specializes in regulation and legislation affecting all sectors of freight transportation. He has covered rail, trucking and maritime issues since 1993 for a variety of publications based in the U.S. and the U.K. John began business reporting in 1993 at Broadcasting & Cable Magazine. He graduated from Florida State University majoring in English and business.


  1. I’ve worked as a Diesel Motor,Operator within the State of California at the age of 21, until my Fifties. What was considered as heavy traffic back then compared to the present traffic gridlock conditions on these roadways (I-405, I-5 and I-10), coupled with employers, dispatchers wanting their vehicles on time daily would be to the younger drivers too much to comprehend. Their inexperienced minds will be tempted to cut corners, go off the main freeways hoping to make a pick-up or delivery on time, without being cited for breaking a traffic rule. I am not for anyone under the present age of 21 years young being allowed to operate these big rigs for pay until they have demonstrated the knowledge, know how of operating Big-Rigs against the traffic and roadways that are there. In closing, remember, their are out on the roads now, some with the Cowboy/Cowgirl mentality! Their mis-behaving antics will only trigger the younger drivers to drive with the avenger state of mind for time, which will one day cost someone injure/loss or both, in the name of transportation.

    1. You are absolutely right Tony I’m not a driver but work in the pipeline industry IUOE proud and these kids are not what you want on the road in my line of work they already know everything and won’t take helpful advice your right they are young cowboys in a big iron machine waiting to kill someone someday.

    2. I could’nt agree more there are to many bottom feeder companies and ypu know who you are who will hire what i call steering wheel holders there is a maturiy level that comes with being a true truck driver a profession. this pilot program would not achieve that goal

      1. Agree, they can’t even shit a standard trans and there are a lot of trucks out there . FMSA people are not truckers have never been in a truck.but dot , FMSA can tell co. And drivers how things are done. How stupid is that.

    3. No no no. Teenagers are too too young to navigate 18 wheels!! Very few of them graduate high school before wrecking daddy’s car. Most teenage boys think they are race car drivers.

  2. It’s not a driver shortage it’s a high rate of turnover for companys , because of their ridiculous demands on drivers who basically refuse to work for free or under minimum wage.

    1. I can agree with that. Many companies start you off strong with great miles then after a short time they dwindle your miles. Cant deny any loads that you dont want to do. Pretty much bait and switch you. Alot of bottom feeder companies out there that put their financial gain over treating their drivers fairly.

  3. Driver shortage is a myth. The only shortage is the number of companies willing to pay drivers what they’re worth.

    1. Driver shortage is a myth. Each company just wants a bigger piece of the pie. ELD’s have created an unsafe profession. Younger drivers are more apt to play “beat the clock” and lose.

  4. The FMSCA and ATA are nothing more than mouth pieces for the large carriers. Neither agency has anyone with experience as a driver. There sole function is to over regulate and under pay drivers.
    Their end game is to supply cheap labor for the mega carriers with no regard for safety to the general public.
    What do I mean by cheap labor?
    They basically want to pay minimum wage for a 70 hour work week and weeks away from home.
    You can make the same money at a fast food place and sleep in you’re own bed.

  5. I for one am not against changing the rules to 18 however a very strong training process is needed to assure these drivers are ready there are a few high school driver training classes offered out there that are very successful and that is a great way for these drivers to get a start , without a good training program I agree no way change the age but if they did a High school class as well as a secondary school after with X amount of in state driving after those classes then its time to let them go over the road, the age is not the problem here its the training, there are many companies who take drivers without the proper training turn guys lose that are not safe they are over 21 but not trained properly , putting tougher training rules in place is needed no matter what the age, a major problem is by the time these kids are 21 they have made up their minds on what profession they are going to be in and if the age is 21 the industry is missing too many , If an 18 year old can join the Army get trained to fight for our country I strongly believe they can with the proper training drive trucks safely across our nation …JD

    1. The difference between the army and the open road is you are under the supervision of a sergeant and not yourself to be led astray by the temptations of other areas you will encounter on the open road there is discipline in the army not the open road for the immature.

  6. There is a right approach to everything, I believe if someone proves themselves by driving accompanied by a qualified mentor, meaning level headed, respectful, as well as a professional driver that will represent the company and industry well . For a period of no less than 6 months. There should be on going training and support. I don’t know all companies methods and programs but I will say pepsico has an excellent program for all the employees and I strongly believe this would be a good role model system for the entire trucking industry.

  7. Lol, truck driving is gonna be the first victim of self-driving vehicles. If your a driver you better be finding a new profession.

    1. Self driving trucks are still a decade+ away. Most of the drivers on the road will be retired before self driving trucks becomes the norm out here. Just read an article the other day about the gentleman who started OTTO, which was then sold to Uber. In the article, the gentleman explained how self driving technology is far from replacing a human driver because a computer, no matter how well programmed, can not, at this time, account for every possible scenario a driver may encounter on a day to day basis. Until there is such a thing as artificial intelligence that can learn and adapt on it’s own, Humans will drive the trucks.

    2. You really dont understand the trucking industry. Drivers do so much more than drive and thus far these “self driven vehicles” only work on surface roads which dont do our truckers much good. Like most people in this country, unless you’ve been in the industry, you lack respect for the hard work these guys and gals put in to make sure you have EVERYTHING. Driverless trucks are further away than you think. The first time a load is not right who do you think the receiver gets mad at? It’s not the truck! It’s the drivers. AI is not perfect and it wont be out on the roads. It is only as good as the person programming it. There will always be someone in those trucks to deal with the delivery of the product. ALWAYS!

  8. Some of us were jumping out of planes with weapons strapped to us @ 17-18yrs old to murder, murder… Kill, kill…

  9. Hell no. It takes more then experience to drive a commercial vehicle. It takes maturity, pataints , knowledge and understanding of what your dealing with. I say this best. Fix the wages and the real driver will come back.

  10. There are to many accidents involving tractor trailer drivers as it is. Lowering the eligibility age from 21 to 18 would only exacerbate the already big problem to an even bigger one.The statistics show that Inexperienced drivers of noncommercial vehicles cause more accidents then experienced drivers, so the same would apply in the case of allowing 18 yr old behind the wheel as well.

  11. The insanely low wages paid to drivers is the problem with the driver shortage. You want highly motivated mature people to be behind the wheel of a 40 ton + vehicle going down the road at 75 miles per hour.
    Pay them more like you pay airline pilots…..and you will have no problem filling the driving vacancies.
    In today’s scenario even owner operators have to outsmart their electronic logs to stay in business.
    Let market pressures drive up wages and transport prices. Don’t try to fix the problem by passing it off to young people
    before they have the experience needed to survive.

    1. Well said! I’ve been in management for 17 years. My upoers put pressure on the drivers and did not pay them well enough to support that demand!
      In addition, now I came back to driving and the management mentality has not changed. The wages to keep us around have to improve. This is hiw you can generate quality drivers to either stay and or be more selective on who you hire and retain. Pay them well. Experienced, mature drivers will perform safely.

  12. As previously being a CDL-A owner operator with my own authority, for interstate driving jobs decent working conditions for entry level employee drivers is near zero.
    You either are on the road constantly or financially abused by dispatchers or terminals with not getting paid for impossible load deadlines or terminal stonewalling so they d ok NY have to pay and the lowest denominator, the driver losses by not getting paid.

  13. Few carriers utilize the drivers under 21 in local and other in-state operations. They really need a giant reality check on why the interstate segment can’t keep drivers.

  14. Most companies have orientation for new drivers every week, so that driver shortage myth is a bunch of BS! The problem is that most new hires quit within the first few weeks of their start date because of the strict regulations, home time and pay….

    1. Yes you are right there to much bs
      What Dot calls safety it is all about the money the scales Treet
      Drivers like crap

  15. There is no driver shortage. There’s only a corrupt mega carrier system in place. Good drivers don’t work free. Until government gets serious, nothing will change… except a whole lot of rig trainwrecks on the road and many dead 18 year olds.

  16. I am ok to having younger drivers (18+) operating a big rig on the road but my 1 stipulation would be to have them enroll in a truck driving school for a minimum of 6 months to a year before obtaining their license, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, in class and on the road to practice and learn safe behaviors and get them into the state of mind as a safe, courteous driver. To us drivers that have been out here for years and have seen all these unsafe, cowboy type driving behaviors, not only from truckers but 4 wheelers as well, understand what it’s really like out here on these roadways today with all this traffic and all these dummies. I have always believed that the longer you train, and your brain can get into a safe rythem for operating safely, anybody can do what we do and do it well. Just like the military puts you through boot camp to train yourself for an extended period of time to do your job efficiently and safely and effective, I dont see any reason the younger generation cant do it either. Half of the problem is that some of these schools put you through a 1 week course and then BAM, your driving an 80,000 lb. Machine down or roadways at 80 miles an hour! That is where our problem as a nation lies in the trucking industry!

  17. Pros and Cons
    Pros: They are some men and women who show leadership skills. Those men and women must be found or grown by Congress (like in a corn field).

    You hear on the news, a teenager killed another, a teenager is responsible for fire, gunshot, car crash, robbery… You name it.
    You must educate these eighteeners to the fullest extent of what is under the hood, behind them, what is following, or who they are following, what body language to use with semitruck and cargo. For example, when I am merging to the right lane, I put the right signal and get close to the right broken lane. The driver on my right side or far right lane sees, processes that a big heavy vehicle needs to merge to the right lane, gives the right away Do this to the left lane.
    Roads must be only for Trucks No Cars.
    They are a lot of Pros and Cons. Do not open it to the Public because some eighteeners are not well fed, well wed, well read, if SAFETY is not considered, then shall we be well dead.
    Like me, I was not educated well on the trucking industry and the outcome was swindled. Then I read about Clean Truck Program with Congress. I ask other truck drivers, “What happen to the driver?” The driver is left out.
    I made Clean Truck Driver Program because I have a vision, one day truck drivers in the nation will be united and the leaders will be well bred, well fed, well read, well wed.
    Support Clean Truck Driver Program.
    Port of LA CTP is a success CTDP will be a success.
    CTDP is under construction and please only positive feedback. I will accept negative feedback as reconstructive criticism.
    Thank you

  18. I’m with you guys on the inexperience Drivers are going to be on the road causing so much accidents out there. Trucking Companies and truck insurance companies don’t care about the safety of others except of Making money for them selves. Not only that young kids are more likely to keep their minds on social media and being more entertained on what’s happening on the fun side of their lifestyle

  19. Train the younger drivers, get them started but restrict what and where they can drive. Give them a chance maybe they will be able to change the over worked tired drivers we have now.

  20. When the Teamsters disagree with something I tend to look closer at the situation. Shortage of drivers means we need to increase the driver base. 18 to 21 year olds would do this. Let’s see how road safety was effected in the states that allow younger people to drive. Could the union want older drivers at higher wages so the union would get higher dues? Young people can work more cheaply since they have fewer bills. They are more apt to go over the road.

    1. I seen more of the younger drivers break down emotionally for being alone in a small space too long and that starts about 50 miles from home..too many distractions..back in the day before cell phone craze .. drivers had conversations on the cb some of us still do but there are so many drivers without radios that creates a huge amount of uninformed drivers out there… the accident in Colorado is prime example of a situation that because of inexperienced driver many people were hurt.. monitor the cb.. if in that type of trouble a quick shout out on the radio someone would have helped getting that truck stopped

  21. We read a lot about how the 18 year old mind has not fully formed its judgment capabilities and yet we want to put them behind the wheels of 40 ton vehicles to satisfy a mythical driver shortage. My 22 year old son pays more car insurance for one vehicle than I do for 4. What would the insurance costs be for these kids? The driver shortage is mythical because the real issues are pay and respect. Companies that pay drivers what they deserve and treat them with the level of respect that drivers deserve probably don’t have a driver shortage. Companies that treat their drivers like disposable commodities have a driver shortage.
    The entire thing is yet another fabrication to subsidize corporate greed.

    1. I drove a medium duty tow truck it had a cat engine and a straight 5 sp so the when a fng would arrive to learn towing and they would be in the medium duty within 3 days of hire the 5 sp was slow from a start but these guys would start in 3 Rd so the clutch would feel grabby these guys will drive the roll back tow truck like race cars

  22. I am for them lowering the age I have read most of the comments and I have been a been a driver for 22yrs and I have worked with people who I don’t know how the hell they ever aquired a CDL and they all have been way over 21 why are we trying to hold back younger generations from getting into a trade that will help them provide a life for themselves and if you want to restrict them then maybe we should do the same for all new drivers cause like I said earlier I have seen alot of dip shits out there in a commercial truck

  23. In today’s society were it is the opinion of most legislative bodies that a person is not mature enough to buy alcohol, tobacco products, or firearms until the age of 21. And in many states have an adult licensed driver with them at all times minors are in a vehicle an under 18 driver is operating it. It shocks the conscience to think that all 18yr olds would be mature enough to operate a CMV safely.
    A CMV is no different than any other weapon that is in the wrong, or inexperienced hands. Many people don’t even think about the disruptive force of a CMV until they have witnessed an accident involving one.
    A CMV weighing 80,000lbs moving 60mph kinetic energy is equal to the energy released by approximately 5.5 kg of TNT.
    The insurance industry charges considerably more for an 18yr old driver than it does for a 30yr old driver. There is a reason for that. Mainly due to accidents caused by inexperience, and poor choices.
    So would you just hand an 18yr old 5.5 kg of TNT without the supervision of someone experience handling it?

  24. Because the kids wouldn’t be dumb enough to join a union. Hiring someone and training them before they are ruined would be pretty damn smart. I would hire all drivers under 21 for all 6 trucks.

  25. I have been with the commercial trucking industry since I was 14 . I personally do not see a problem with someone of the age of 18 years old driving interstate trucking they’re already allowed to do intrastate Commercial driving. But there has to be more standards and rigorous training added to have these young men and women of the age of 18 driving of these commercial trucks. Just because someone is 18 does not mean they’re stupid or irresponsible and they can’t handle the job it just means they are young and we were all young at 1 time . We have commercial drives on the road who have been driving for a few years and they drive like they just got there license yesterday. This industry needs better rules and standards for training commercial drivers. These schools that are out there on teach a person how to pass a test and then the company that hires them only put them with a trainer for a short time before letting them out on there own
    And sometimes the trainer has only had there commercial drivers license for a very short time before they start to train another person. It’s like a child teaching a child .

  26. I dont understand why these guys are appealing this..I’m a truck driver and if there being monatored by the Gov. Then so be it…U people do nothing for the trucking industry anymore…Its all yalls fault we are being monatored by the Gov. To begin with…with all ur lies and deceat over the yrs not being honest and not driving like u should to begin with…Ur not even a legit union for truckers anymore…Dont listen to these people their crooks and liers…Truckers do stand by each other and do stand up for each other…but its and individual thing now…I talk to honest working hard truckers out here who didnt get wat they got or where they got too, NOT by the lieing Teamsters, but on there own. I’m tired of one group thinking their speaking for the whole cause ur not…Seek ur dreams give people a chance…I would say if U can’t Infisise the Consiquences, the Reality and Safety of this job to every person driving a Big Rig then we have Lost…Cause above all we do…U HAVE TO HAVE OTHER PEOPLE LIFE AND UR OWN TO DO THIS…NO ONE WANTS THE LOSE OF A LIFE ON THEM FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES!!! If we lose this mindset we have let the industry go to hell.

  27. I have a 18 and 19 year old boys. They grew up around heavy equipment and semis. They are NOT ready!!! God forbid some big company got ahold of them and sent them out to do this job. They are still kids at 18. I do NOT agree with this!

  28. Let me say it this way.
    They can go to war for us.
    So your saying they can die for us
    but can’t drive for us.

    1. I think 23 for intrastate is too young. With the staggering numbers of foreign drivers and throwing caution to the wind it’s no wonder why I see all these crash sites..they load em like back home and most drivers will absolutely not back off the throttle when your passing on a 2 lane..and to have the kind of things happen as they do in traffic it begs for trouble..countless times I’ve had to avoid an issue by some ahole coming into your lane before the trailer tires are past the drivers door.. imho drivers need a psychological evaluation to be permitted to advance to driver training classes that should be no less than 6 mos and include how to throw iron and how to drive in the snow complete knowledge of inspecting and maintaining a truck hands on no photos of a book. So many don’t even have a tire gauge.they just get in and fly down the highway untill a tire blows.. then fly a little more until the other blows next to it..they probably don’t even know by looking if a rim was damaged..most don’t know what they are looking at under the hood how to change a light bulb or how to check for a blown fuse.and one more thing when your in a construction zone you only need 2 lights working so turn off your extra led lights because I can’t see a damn thing when you go courteous to your fellow drivers. Speed in truckstop is 10 mph not 25 or 30 no passing trucks on the way out or driving behind while they’re backing into a spot you people are idiots. And to the big companies that are schooling these new drivers for most people 2 week training is not enough and for some 2 months wouldn’t be enough don’t just pass them and hope for the best it’s your driver be responsible and teach everything about the truck..and never make a new driver a trainer after a month it should be 2 yrs minimum before a person is qualified to train another.. there are so many other points to mention is drivers should always monitor your cb. Escorts number stickers are cheap pick a channel your running and put the number sticker on the back to indicate what channel your on so we can communicate .. these are just some common sense things from the way It used to be out there . When we drove a stick and loved it ..steering wheel holders make statistics …one question for the people who know.. why in the hell did they think it was a good idea to connect the Jake to the brake light switch? I use my Jake in traffic a lot and so do a lot of other people.. and I always wonder is it Jake or is it brake.. they need to recall all trucks like this and turn it off. As it would save on the road rage issue

  29. As a 22 year Otr driver and a father of a 20 year old son, this proposal would cause a lot more problems than they would solve. Most kids today are not mentally tough enough for the challenges that living on the road puts a body through let alone navigating through adverse weather conditions. There would be a lot of trucks abandoned in truck stops and freight undelivered. In addition the most kids are not ready for the immense responsibility of safely navigating an 80000 lbs vehicle in heavy traffic. I for one would not feel comfortable with my wife and kids passing or being passed by an 18 wheeler operated by a kid who is more worried about the next time he got home to see his girlfriend than the curve that is coming up.

  30. So I can never understand why you need to be 21 for a lot of privalages but you can join the military at 18 and be given access to the most powerful weapons in the world and possibly die for your country. Until we make the age to join the military 21, then everything should be aloud at 18, or else why call an 18 an adult if he/she is still restricted in society.

  31. Why is it, companies try everything they can to get drivers, except what people really work for. MONEY AND BENEFITS increase those and the driver shortage will be gone. Instead of driver shortage they should say there is a shortage of people who want to rarely see home, be treated like garbage and make pathetic wage for working 70hrs a week.

  32. It has nothing to do with reflexes or competency. It has to do with a lack of judgement that younger we all experience in youth. Generally, most teenagers are chasing much different things than most adults and that makes all the difference. Replying by saying that of course your teenager is different is not an argument.

  33. For once I agree 💯 with Teamster president Jimmy Hoffa, on this particular issue.
    The truck load carriers, is dead spend on not examining the issues pertaining to the shortage in their sector of the trucking industry. So there solution is, put a young whippersnapper behind the wheel and hope that this experiment works so they can carry on the tradition of not paying you to do work that you’re supposed to get paid for.

  34. Not old enough to smoke, or by alcohol because 18 year old people are not responsible enough. What makes people think young adults will be responsible with a 80,000 lb , or more vehicle? Quit catering to the mega carriers that can’t keep people because of work conditions.

  35. So the Teamsters and others believe this is a safety issue? Half the drivers already on the road are a safety issue. I’m starting to think a CDL is nothing more than Center Driving Lane endorsement. How can any American claim this is a safety issue? Keep in mind, these are the same young adults required to register for selective service. The same young adults issued an automatic weapon and sent to foreign lands to enforce our foreign interests. Stop slapping them in the face and treat them as the individuals they are.

  36. There is a driver’s shortage and the old drivers think they’re all that, most of them are just steering wheel holders. My husband and I own a small trucking company and have a hard time finding qualified drivers, if they’re old enough to die for this country at 18, they’re old enough to drive a truck. My husband has been driving since he was 18 and started in CA, he knows the challenges of dealing with traffic. When you hire someone yippy should be able to tell if they can handle it or not, if you can’t tell you shouldn’t be the one doing the hiring.

  37. There is no deicer shortage it’s a lie… there are qualified drivers out here they won’t hire because they can’t mold to what they want… they want yes men and women to do what they want… they dont want people that can think for them selves and do things the right way… they want robots that will do things their way and not ask question…..

  38. It may be a surprise for a intrastate driver of only 26 with 3yrs driving but I definitely believe other routes should be attempted first. These big trucking lines are throwing anyone they can in a truck. Awhile back I say a guy in my part of Idaho that I’m not ok with. He couldn’t speak, read, or write English. He was unaware what the big red button next to the yellow one did, all he knew was his trailer brakes were locked. He didn’t know how to let the air out of the bags to back up to a dock. After blocking me in for about 15min I docked his rig for him. By all means figure out how to get more drivers but get them trained better before sending them rolling.

  39. Dropping the age will not change anything, the younger drivers will see there being used to keep the pay and benefits down and the problem will still be there. I’m a retired teamster I worked with good pay and benefits and never saw drivers leaving there job except to retire. The way I see it, if the companies want to fix the problem they welcome the Teamsters in.

  40. most intrastate drivers under 21 are doing farm/family work. that’s why it was created. try getting a job with any major carrier for an in state job, and they will deny you due to insurance age limits. I got my start driving for family hauling grain and other agricltue related materials

  41. I agree as well but I feel there needs to be an apprenticeship type training for all drivers coming into the biz electricians and the other trades have one my driving school in little rock was 20 week for day students and 30 weeks for night I advocate a year training year with trainer then evaluated every 90 days for a year

  42. Maybe its time for the teamsters to hand out cards to the employees of the mega carriers. It may open some of the eyes of presidents and board members . What are they gonna do …close ? There is no driver shortage, theres a money shortage. We’re here to make money!! As far as detention pay ,we shouldn’t have to agree to give an hour or two before we start getting paid 12 or 15 an hour. Your on the clock,detention should start immediately. I dont care if thats how its always been . FIGURE IT OUT!! Would you want to be 1000 miles from home and not getting paid??

  43. If you can go to war for your country at 18; therefore; why shouldn’t you be allowed to be responsible enough to do any other adult activity etc.

  44. I completely agree with the Teamsters view of the problem that needs to be dealt with is WHY there’s a shortage of drivers. The low pay, the lack of detention pay, and no oversight on the brokers are the reasons so many of us don’t drive anymore. We are too vital to everyday life to be treated the way we are treated so why continue to drive? Hiring kids in the hopes that they are so happy to make a bigger check than working at McDonald’s that they won’t care about the poor conditions inflicted upon us industry wide…. is not the solution. Its going to be a disaster when these kids are set free on the interstate highways.

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