Week in Trucking: U.S., China strike trade deal

This Week in Trucking, the U.S. and China have announced a trade deal centering on natural gas, financial services and beef. Also, a renewed push is on to approve hair testing in driver drug screenings and the rapid rise in last-mile delivery services is leading to plenty of new entries to the market.

Let’s make a deal

The U.S. and China have announced a trade deal that will allow the U.S. to export natural gas and China banks to increase their investments in the U.S. (Bloomberg)

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Test the hair, test the hair

A group of Congressman have taken up the cause of some in the trucking industry to push for hair testing when carriers screen drivers for drugs. The group has asked FMCSA to move quickly on the issue. (CCJ)

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Take me home

The growth of ecommerce is leading to increased investment in last-mile delivery companies, as more of them pop up every day. (Supply Chain Dive)

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More time in the simulator needed

Trucking interests in search of safer and better prepared drivers are stepping up their efforts with more simulator training then ever before. (Fleet Owner)

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Hiking gas tax getting more support at state levels

While the federal government struggles with ways to pay for infrastructure without raising the gas tax, states such as California, Tennessee and Indiana have other ideas. (Governing)

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A call for more safety features

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has publicly called for the institution of underride safety guards for trailers. The group believes hundreds of lives could be saved each year with the device, which prevent cars from going under trailers. (Transport Topics)

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Slow the freight train down

After posting a record high in Februarty, the Freight Transportation Services index fell in March. The index also showed lower growth in the first quarter compared to 2016. (Heavy Duty Trucking)

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Hey, we can innovate too!

Innovation is not the domain of only trucking and logistics companies, there are plenty of materials handling firms with innovations that are changing the supply chain. (Modern Materials Handling)

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You can trust me!

A new research initiative has revealed that suppliers feel they have more to lose in the supply chain, and are therefore less trusting of their partners. (Supply Chain Management Review)

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Not so fast, partner

A test of plans to allow public-private partnerships for insfrastructure improvements hit a speedbump in Texas when the state House of Representatives rejected a proposed plan for $30 billion worth of projects. (Bloomberg)

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