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WIN rebrands to Centerboard with focus on shipper-centric tech solutions

Centerboard’s modular approach aims to give shippers complete control over their supply chains via seamless integrations with both legacy and emerging technologies.

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Leading logistics technology platform Web Integrated Network (WIN) has announced its new corporate name, Centerboard

The rebrand reflects the company’s mission to give shippers complete control over their supply chains as part of a growing slate of neutral, shipper-centric transportation and supply chain management solutions. This includes simple integration of real-time data and easily configurable solutions that operate within both legacy and future platforms.

“Centerboard simplifies transportation management using technology and process,” said Centerboard Chief Commercial Officer Lindsey Shellman. “We’ve spent years working directly with shippers and technology partners to create shipper-driven, technology-focused solutions for supply chain management.”

Centerboard is developing a portfolio of solutions to provide shippers with the flexibility to utilize technology in a way that best suits their needs. The current neutral, shipper-centric platform, now known as WIN, by Centerboard, provides shippers with affordable access to many transportation management features that increase efficiencies, including advanced shipment notifications and spot quote carrier setup.

“Centerboard strives to build solutions that adhere to the varying levels of sophistication that shippers, logistics service providers, trucking companies and brokers have,” Shellman said, explaining that users can customize their own experiences without having to build their own architecture. “We saw an opportunity to build something for shippers that can plug in to whatever platforms they are already using, tailoring the user experience to their very own business rules.”

The company recently unveiled a range of new features for the WIN, by Centerboard platform, specifically the ability to add tracking messages on behalf of carriers, schedule automated alerts to provide reminders to carriers for missing booking confirmations and the ability to print pro sticker images directly on bills of lading. These shipper-focused features leverage real-time data to provide the most efficient and cost-effective way to move goods.  

Centerboard is rolling out a newer, slicker user interface in addition to offering a variety of supply chain-related technologies. Centerboard enables shippers to transact with quality carriers while easily integrating with legacy and emerging technologies, allowing the user to access shipping functionality from within their own platform via Centerboard’s new API solution.

“Supply chain is incredibly complex because each shipper does things a bit differently, and each industry is managed a little bit differently, with varying levels of technology,” Shellman said, explaining the technology disparity between the highly automated LTL market and the mostly lower-tech, smaller fleets that make up the full truckload sector. “We’re working to ensure that all industry stakeholders have access to modular and customizable solutions, ensuring that they are able to leverage technology in the most impactful way.” 

Shellman said that Centerboard will continue to operate as a stand-alone entity from its former parent company, Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corp., furthering its mission to identify as a neutral technology platform and provide shippers with affordable, easy-to-use and integration-friendly solutions. Building on WIN’s previous success, Shellman aims for Centerboard to continue to service a broader market rather than a tailored vertical.

“Working with Centerboard allows us to provide our customers with seamless, easy access to key transportation management features right within our system,” said John Walker, logistics product manager at Encompass Technologies, a comprehensive cloud-based ERP for the beverage and food industry. “Centerboard’s technology architecture is designed to be flexible, modular and agile, which allows our team to upgrade to the latest technology, saving our team and customers time and money.”

Since 2017, the company has provided supply chain stakeholders access to real-time data and has helped them save time and money, resulting in increased profits. Centerboard now manages more than $1 billion in freight value.

“Over the past two years, the shipping and logistics industry has been hit by the perfect storm – COVID-19, a lack of drivers and few resources to educate new drivers, and the inflation of transportation costs,” said Glenn Riggs, president of Centerboard. “As the industry continues to navigate unknowns, shippers deserve to have access to modular, neutral and real-time technology. The only way to be successful in today’s supply chain is to invest in advancing technologies.” 

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