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May - 2022 -
17 May

The ‘ingenious strategy’ behind most truckers’ least favorite week of the year: International Roadcheck

Inspection blitzes frustrate truck drivers. But economists found that the International Roadcheck Week boosts overall road safety.

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12 May

Why the Northeast is quietly running out of diesel

Diesel inventories on the East Coast are at record lows. Truckers are spooked by the vanishing stocks and soaring rates.

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Dec - 2021 -
13 December

Exclusive: Central Freight Lines to shut down after 96 years

A source familiar with the 96-year-old company said he is unsure whether CFL will file Chapter 7 or “liquidate outside of bankruptcy,” but that the LTL carrier has no plans to reorganize.

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Aug - 2021 -
12 August

Warehouse cramming is about to begin — Freightonomics

On this episode of Freightonomics, Zach Strickland and Anthony Smith talk about the need to cram for warehouse space with Zac Rogers from Colorado State University.

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Jun - 2021 -
27 June

Seasonality pushing rejections and rates higher ahead of the Fourth

This week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 75 (Carriers) Last week’s DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index: 70 (Carriers)  Three-month DHL Supply Chain Pricing Power Index Outlook: 70 (Carriers) […]

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May - 2021 -
27 May

Project44 acquires ClearMetal to strengthen predictive tools

“Their team construct is fundamentally different. When you look at their data science, machine learning and computer science background, they are best in class.”

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Mar - 2023 -
20 March

Benchmark diesel price down 7 weeks in a row

The DOE/EIA benchmark diesel price used for most fuel surcharges has dropped seven weeks in a row and 16 out of the past 19.

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Court revives Uber/Postmates fight against AB5 for app-based drivers

App-based companies fighting AB5 in California got a second court win last week as a three-judge panel cited statements by AB5’s author in its ruling.

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White Paper: 5 Ways Top Fleets Maximize the Benefits of Custom Apps

Next-generation ELDs have open platforms, more device options, and a consumer-style user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Yet, no product offers a one-size-fits-all solution. The pre-packaged features and functions […]

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La negociación de los contratos de transporte marítimo transpacífico de contenedores, en horas bajas 

Las próximas dos semanas serán “cruciales” para los precios de los fletes en el mercado de importación de EE.UU.

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Optimus Prime, Bloomberg and the Spartan way – WTT

On demand on WTT: World’s first and only Age of Extinction-era Optimus Prime; Bloomberg’s Lee Klaskow; Spartan 5S Services; Travelers

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Cathay Pacific Cargo unleashed 

Cathay Pacific has been tied down by COVID health restrictions much longer than most airlines. The cargo network is getting a big boost as long-haul passenger aircraft rejoin the fleet.

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Yale rebrands to Yale Lift Truck Technologies, demos technology at ProMat

Yale Lift Truck Technologies, formerly Yale, showed off its latest tech at the 2023 ProMat supply chain conference in Chicago.

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Walmart, Packsize collaborate on special right-sized box packaging machine

The Ultra5 machine has a right-sized design that eliminates the need for corrugated boxes, according to Packsize.

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‘Crunch time’ for trucking as Q1 nears close

In a first-quarter earnings preview, Deutsche Bank analyst Amit Mehrotra said he expects an in-line type quarter but voiced some concerns.

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Convoy releases scope 3 emissions reporting to support SEC-proposed rule

“To get ahead of the curve on stringent climate disclosure requirements proposed by the SEC and [the ISSB], shippers need to transition from manual data gathering and estimations of their scope 3 carbon footprint to tools that efficiently and accurately provide emissions reports in real time,” said Convoy Corporate Sustainability Analyst Kiana van Waes.

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