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ALK’s rail routing service adds 20 carriers

   Navigation and logistics software maker ALK Technologies has released the latest version of its PC*MILER|Rail software which includes better routing, mileage, and mapping software as well as 20 new carriers in North America.
   The PC*MILER|Rail 19 release also includes new updates to monitor and track rail changes and additions on a quarterly basis. PC*MILER|Rail is marketed to railroads, large rail shippers, and railcar lessors for transportation management and in revenue applications. The service offers modules around fuel surcharge calculation, car hire, equipment management, mileage auditing, rate determination and negotiation, carrier selection, and tax reporting. 
   The latest release now covers more than 240,000 miles of rail line in North America, with 49,500 active freight stations, thousands of junction interchanges, and more than 750 railroads.
   The service has also added the ability to avoid or favor junction interchanges in AutoRouter, a tool that simplifies route entry by suggesting the junctions and railroad connections to use between origin and destination points.