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Audio versions of every FreightWaves and American Shipper article now available

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FreightWaves, the largest publisher of freight news and data in the world, has added another dimension to its news coverage. An audio readout of each article is now available instantly at the time of publication for every article published on Moreover, if an article is updated, the audio is also updated.

Readers now have the option to read an article, or if it is more convenient, to listen to the article simply by clicking the embedded play button. 

“We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our product offerings,” said Craig Fuller, FreightWaves’ CEO. “This innovation will allow those who follow the news of the transportation and freight industry to listen to articles if that is more convenient for them. This new feature follows the introduction of FreightWavesTV, our new streaming news and feature service. FreightWaves will continue to expand its news coverage, as well as the ways we offer that news.”

The technology is part of FreightWaves’ push to give audiences the news and data they want, in whatever way they choose to consume it, said Ellis Smith, general manager of media for FreightWaves. 

“We want to give options to our audience, whether it’s innovative new ways to operate their business or new methods to consume the best freight news and data on the globe,” Smith said. “When you put your customers first, good things happen.”

In the next few days, FreightWaves will add audio playlists, so a listener can subscribe to an entire playlist of articles in a particular news category.