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Bahamas cooperates with U.S. on nuclear materials detection

Bahamas cooperates with U.S. on nuclear materials detection

   The United States and the Bahamas have entered into an agreement in which the Caribbean country will install special U.S.-built equipment at its seaport to detect nuclear and other radioactive materials hidden in shipments.

   The Bahamas becomes the first Caribbean country to deploy this type of detection system as part of the U.S. Energy Department’s National Nuclear Security Administration Megaports Initiative.

   The National Nuclear Security Administration works with other countries to equip their seaports with radiation detection equipment and to provide training to appropriate law enforcement officials.

   The agency has similar cooperative agreements in place with the Netherlands, Greece, Sri Lanka, Belgium and Spain. “Helping better protect the world’s maritime shipping network from nuclear smuggling is an important objective we are working to achieve,” said Energy Secretary Spence Abrahams in a statement Wednesday.