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XPO CEO Brad Jacobs says on CNBC- “Fully autonomous trucks in ten years.”

Brad Jacobs is bullish on the US economy and the direction of XPO. He is also super-pumped about XPO’s balance sheet and the ability for the company to do a large acquisition without having to dilute shareholders. With over $1B of liquidity on the balance sheet currently, the company is ready to make acquisitions once again after a two-year reprieve. While this will certainly excite Wall Street Investors (especially the retail investors that tune into Mad Money and not be familiar with the XPO name), the more interesting nugget in the interview was regarding fully-autonomous trucks on the highways. 

Jacob’s believes that fully-autonomous trucks are less than a decade away. When pressed on what happens with those drivers, he stated that the driving population would likely be repurposed into other jobs.

The full CNBC interview can be seen here