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Clark links up with Woodland International in U.K

Clark links up with Woodland International in U.K

The Clark Group's Trenton, N.J.-based subsidiary, Clark Worldwide Transportation, has entered into a joint marketing and freight forwarding agency alliance with Bookbridge, the specialist publishing division of U.K company Woodland International Transport.

   “By utilizing the strengths of both Bookbridge and Clark, we believe that we are well placed to meet the demands of shippers engaged in the transportation of books and printed matter,” said Kevin Stevens, chairman of the Woodland Group.

   In May, Global Logistics Acquisition Corp. announced a deal to acquire Clark for $75 million. It expected to wrap up the deal in the third quarter of this year.

   Global described Clark as the largest independent provider of domestic newsstand magazine distribution services, and the largest consolidator of U.S. magazines for export.

   Clark and Woodland said they would initially focus on trade between the United Kingdom and United States, and join forces to share resources such as warehousing facilities, marketing systems, personnel and management expertise.

   Clark said it would relocate some of its U.K. staff to Woodland’s Hayes facility, and Woodland would employ additional staff to process the joint import and export cargo.

   “Major clients have already pledged their support to the alliance,” Woodland said. “The international magazine trade is seen as an important area of growth for Bookbridge.”