CO2 Emissions on the Rise

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  1. This infographic is sourced from politically oriented think-tanks and appears to violate the Editorial Conduct Policy of Freightwaves. The Watson Institute at Brown is basically a front for China apologists and enablers, overseen by leadership with a background in political science, not transportation economics, atmospheric science, etc. The Global Carbon Project, while a nice source of data, is a left-leaning Stanford operation. The graphic prominently hits the U.S. military for its alleged effects on climate change, while soft-peddling the far more devastating effects of China on same. In other words, it’s anti-American propaganda. I am surprised to see it on Freightwaves and have to question the editorial judgment and point-of-view of a supposed trade publication that serves such propaganda as unbiased industry news.

    1. Given that the info notes China’s share of CO2 emissions, I do not think it can be described as letting China off the hook. Given that the current US policy under the Trump administration is increasing emissions, suppressing climate research, and generally attempting to ignore climate concerns, FreightWaves is to be commended for making this information available.

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