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DHL expands in Ukraine, Eastern Europe

DHL expands in Ukraine, Eastern Europe

   DHL Freight, a provider of road freight services in Europe, started operations Thursday at a new logistics center in Kalinovka near Ukraine's Kiev.

   DHL uses about 20,000 square meters of the facility, which will serve as a main gateway for DHL Freight's network in Eastern Europe, particularly the Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia.

   'For DHL, the Ukraine is a market with huge development potential. We invested in the new facility in order to assure best-in-class transport and warehouse services for our current customers and to ready ourselves for the continued growth in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe overall,' said Piotr M. Sikorski, managing director for DHL Freight Poland & Ukraine, in a statement.

   The new location offers DHL 17 docking positions for trucks, and 140 people are employed there.

   The Ukrainian market is part of DHL Freight's road freight network that connects Western Europe with Eastern Europe and the Middle East stretching from Austria to Russia and Poland up to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

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