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Don’t call it a comeback: The Surge Transportation story

On this episode of FreightWaves Insiders, Dooner catches up with President & Founder of Surge Transportation, Omar Singh. They’ll walk through hell and back to recount the trials and tribulations Singh has fought through to build his company.  

Omar is a teacher by training and a trucker by trade.  He has a graduate degree from Georgetown University, has studied at Oxford University, and mentors entrepreneurs at Stanford University.  He drove trucks for years to pay for college, taught public school for Teach for America, then drove over the road as an owner operator for 3 years before founding a medium sized trucking company in 2003 and operating it until the end of 2010.  He became a broker in 2011 and founded Surge as an independent brokerage late in 2016.  

Since 2016 Surge has become one of the fastest growing digital brokerages in the industry providing real-time API pricing capabilities with TMS partners including: Blue Yonder, BluJay, Oracle, Mercury Gate, Kuebix.  Omar sits on the Board of Directors of the Transportation Intermediaries Association, writes about industry related topics and speaks regularly at industry conferences for BluJay, Gartner, and CSCMP. 

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