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Drilling Deep: Trucking and Wall Street, 2019

Drilling Deep podcast host John Kingston joins with his colleague FreightWaves Finance Editor Todd Maiden to discuss how the trucking industry did on Wall Street during this past year. What does its performance mean for the future? And your host will be wrapping up the “right back where we started” year in diesel pricing.

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John Kingston

John has an almost 40-year career covering commodities, most of the time at S&P Global Platts. He created the Dated Brent benchmark, now the world’s most important crude oil marker. He was Director of Oil, Director of News, the editor in chief of Platts Oilgram News and the “talking head” for Platts on numerous media outlets, including CNBC, Fox Business and Canada’s BNN. He covered metals before joining Platts and then spent a year running Platts’ metals business as well. He was awarded the International Association of Energy Economics Award for Excellence in Written Journalism in 2015. In 2010, he won two Corporate Achievement Awards from McGraw-Hill, an extremely rare accomplishment, one for steering coverage of the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster and the other for the launch of a public affairs television show, Platts Energy Week.


  1. Very interesting perspective from JPM & Goldman Sachs , however, I disagree .

    The rise in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since late 2018 which surpassed the peak in 2018 triggered my alternative count .

    My alternative count suggests that this new high in the Dow Jones Industrial Average appears to be a suckers rally wave B , and therefore a proregressive correction . I await a dramatic wave C , and for it to occur while most are off guard at which point an economic recession shall be declared in the USA & Canada within 2020 .

    No doom & gloom . Simply a continuation to what has begun in early 2018 . When the next shoe drops , it should be quite interesting to say the least . Therefore I am calling for a full blown economic recession in 2020 that will last into early 2021 .

    We should be in the last leg and very near the peak in the Dow Jones Industrial Average . The Dow Jones Transportation Average has not printed a new high and therefore is not confirming the Dow Jones Industrial Average .

    Be vigilant and “Happy New Year” ! Ok , perhaps not such a happy one this year if my call does indeed pan out , LOL !

    Best of luck !

    In my humble opinion ………..

    1. Apparently last leg call was right on .

      January Barometer smiles upon me

      In my humble opinion ……..

  2. Oops , omitted to add :

    An “expanded flat ” is the corrective pattern “call” in the Dow Jones Industrial Average , and a “zig-zag” corrective pattern is the “call” for the Dow Jones Transportation Average !

    Stay Tuned !

    In my humble opinion …………….

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