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Driveri dashcam helps bring out the best in drivers

Not all dashcams are created equal. Can yours provide positive feedback?

Today’s risk-averse and litigious transportation industry leaves fleets with no room for error when accidents occur.

Most drivers are aware of this and accept the measures fleets take to ensure they’re compliant. However, the last thing drivers want, especially those who have never been in an accident, is to feel like they’re being watched nonstop, knowing every turn of the wheel is subject to criticism.

While most drivers associate dashcams with judgment and rebuke, this isn’t the case with Driveri. Though it too is used to analyze performance, Driveri is the only camera to reward performance as well.

Danny Korrs, director of product/marketing at Netradyne, understands that how feedback is presented to drivers often determines how receptive they are to assessment. Netradyne’s advanced AI fleet camera system not only identifies areas needing improvement but also acknowledges positive driver attributes. Korrs describes it as more like a wingman than a watchdog.

“Our mission has always been to create a safer world for all drivers by using advanced vision technology and positive recognition to change the driver experience and the way they interact with the road around them,” Korrs said on a recent episode of FreightWaves’ Taking the Hire Road. “Netradyne collects and analyzes the entire drive time — every second and mile — and creates driver profiles around specific driver behavior, whether positive or needs improvement.”

Korrs points out that Netradyne’s focus has always been to show the good in drivers, but he understands if drivers have their reservations. He encourages fleets to start with the why, sharing what problems they’re wanting to tackle and clarifying that they don’t view drivers as part of the problem but by using Driveri they become integral to the solution.

“With Netradyne’s advanced technology, safety managers can identify good and bad driving behavior and work with drivers in a seamless and frictionless manner to identify and set goals for the organization,” Korrs said.

Drivers can receive instant performance feedback through Netradyne’s driver application as well as real-time coaching through audible in-cab alerts or virtual coaching. 

Driveri often piques the interests of drivers who otherwise wouldn’t have taken safe driving seriously beforehand. Its interactiveness is also known to create friendly competition among drivers. With a leaderboard — and possibly prizes involved — fleets can have a bit of fun improving their safety record.

Korrs said this may even result in improved driver retention as well. And it all goes back to the way safety goals are conveyed, as drivers would much prefer transparency and encouragement over being browbeaten into compliance.

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