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Drivers still stand to benefit from family-driven environment

Technology is no replacement for human connection

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Transportation industry conferences are packed with presentations about innovation and technological advancement. Leaders in the space gather around lunch tables to discuss their latest digital tools. Buzzwords like “autonomous” and “artificial intelligence” fill conversations. Technology is propelling the industry forward and enabling companies to reach heights they never imagined. 

No amount of technology, however, can take the place of a warm, inviting work atmosphere. While it is important to maximize productivity and run an efficient operation, it remains equally important to ensure drivers and employees feel valued as individual members of a team. 

Horizon Logistics, a family-run company dedicated to moving potatoes and other produce across the states, is focused on perfecting the simple things drivers value most: solid pay, transparency and a sense of belonging.

The legacy company is based on a foundation of experience, excellence and family values.

“We have over 75 years of transportation experience among us,” Horizon Logistics Director of Transportation Matt Jahnke said. “Some of our employees have been over-the-road drivers and some have been dispatchers. Our backgrounds help us create a diverse and expansive culture.”

The Horizon Logistics team knows competitive pay is an important part of recruiting and maintaining quality drivers. It is impossible to get drivers through the door and keep them in their seats if competing companies offer significantly better compensation packages. Once you create a competitive offering, however, drivers start looking to things like culture – not necessarily another pay bump.

“You would think pay would be the number one factor in recruiting drivers, but it is not necessarily all about the pay,” Jahnke said. 

Drivers who are already making enough money to take good care of themselves and their families are often looking for a transparent company to call home and a group of reliable colleagues to call family. 

Horizon Logistics proves its dedication and respect for drivers through a dedication to transparency. Being transparent with drivers means being open and honest about everything ranging from business operations to monthly mileage goals to home time. Drivers should know what is expected of them and what they can expect from the company. 

Jahnke noted that this level of transparency is generally attained through the process of building relationships with drivers. This opens the lines of communication between drivers and other members of the company, allowing them to feel like valued members of the operation. Those relationships are also where the sense of belonging comes into play. 

Horizon Logistics is adding new drivers to its team, and the company is hoping to attract drivers who value these old-fashioned, family-centric values as much as they do. 

In addition to a family-driven workplace, drivers also benefit from year-round load availability thanks to Horizon Logistics’ large array of shippers. The company is based in North Dakota but boasts 10 locations across the country, allowing for great diversity and flexibility throughout the year. 

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