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Europe container traffic sees moderate growth

Europe container traffic sees moderate growth

   Import and export deep sea container volumes this year across Europe are expected to rise, albeit more slowly than in 2010, said the latest issue of Global Port Tracker: North Europe Trade Outlook.

   The report was released Monday by Hackett Associates LLC and the Bremen Institute of Shipping Economics and Logistics.

   For all of Europe imports are forecast to reach 23.05 million TEUs in 2011, 8.6 percent more than in 2010’s 21.23 million TEUs. 2010 imports rose 14.4 percent over 2009. Exports are projected to reach 16.63 million TEUs in 2011, 6.9 percent more than 2010’s 15.56 million TEUs. 2010 exports rose 9.8 percent over 2009.

   In North Europe, imports are projected to increase 7.7 percent exports 4.1 percent in 2011.


   “While we expect January and February imports to be weak, a strong recovery is expected in March with nearly 15 percent growth compared to the previous monthly. Nevertheless the first three quarters of this year will show consistent year-on-year growth ranging from 7-10 percent,' said Hackett Associates founder Ben Hackett.

      'But we must be careful not to throw caution to the wind,” he added. “Austerity packages are an issue and the continuing weakness of some of the southern members of the EU and the threat of rising inflation are good reasons to worry about the economy and its ability to grow rapidly out of the recession.'