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Flock Freight attracts top talent in competitive labor market

Logistics technology company set to hire up to 50+ people per month

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The logistics industry is rife with opportunities for innovation. Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, and the previously slow-to-adopt industry is sprinting to catch up. Companies on the cutting edge are working to make transportation more efficient, sustainable and transparent, all attributes industry partners, investors and end consumers are beginning to appreciate more and more. 

The coronavirus pandemic temporarily took a toll on the labor market. Now, however, companies across the logistics space have found themselves competing to attract – and retain – top talent as the U.S. labor market continues to shift in favor of the job seeker. 

One such company – Flock Freight – has found itself hiring rapidly as it continues to pursue its goal of making supply chains more efficient and more sustainable through tech-enabled shared truckloads. 

“We are in a period of tremendous growth and opportunity as a company, especially given our recent Series D achievement. To continue to tackle our goals of reimagining and reinventing the freight industry through advanced technology, we need a lot of people who are passionate about what we are doing,” Flock Freight Senior Vice President of People Melina Fairleigh said. “We have gone from hiring a dozen people per month six months ago, to hiring 45-50 people each month for the foreseeable future.”

Flock Freight’s fierce dedication to greening up the supply chain helps it stand out from its peers, attracting a wealth of talent from several different backgrounds. As the logistics industry’s first Certified B Corp, Flock Freight tends to appeal to both lifelong logistics fiends looking to change the way the industry operates and folks from outside the industry with a special interest in sustainability.

“Who we are is special and that is probably the most compelling differentiator. We are reimagining freight,” Fairleigh said. “We are reinventing this industry through relentlessly pursuing our goals of eliminating waste.”

It is clear that people are drawn to work at Flock Freight because they believe in the company’s mission. In fact, in a recent employee survey, 100% of employees said they believe in the future of Flock Freight, according to Fairleigh. 

Flock Freight’s appeal goes beyond its mission statement, however. While the company is helping save the world, Flock Freight is also dedicated to taking care of its employees on an individual level. The company offers a whole slew of perks, including competitive healthcare benefits, unlimited PTO, paid parental leave, electric vehicle reimbursement, free virtual doctor visits, alternative transportation (i.e., skateboards) reimbursement, commuter benefits and equity in the company. 

Currently, in-person attendance at the company’s Southern California-based headquarters is optional for all employees. This will also be true for the company’s upcoming Chicago office. This allows employees to garner the benefits of working in an office environment while continuing to provide flexibility for those who need – or simply prefer – to work from home. This hybrid approach has also allowed the company to open its positions to remote employees, widening the talent field and eliminating the stress of relocation for new hires. 

Flock Freight continues to hire for positions across the company, including several positions in sales and engineering. Fairleigh emphasized that the company is interested in hearing from potential employees with or without logistics experience, as well as those at all levels in their careers. 

Click here to view Flock Freight’s current nationwide job openings. 

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