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FMC receives 13 OTI license applications

FMC receives 13 OTI license applications

The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission has received 13 ocean transportation intermediary license applications for review.

   The agency received non-vessel-operating common carrier license applications from CNF International, Carson, Calif. (Paul Wang Lee, president); Evangel Shipping, Temple City, Calif. (Xiujuan Lai, chief executive officer); Champ International Shipping, Camden, N.J. (Roy Barrington Hibbert, president); Cargois, Elk Grove Village, Ill. (Jong Han Kwon, president); Best Shipping Ever, Ridgefield, N.J. (Young S. Kim, president); Golden Sea USA, Jamaica, N.Y. (Xia Fang, president); Dyna Logistics, Compton, Calif. (Alfie Chi-Yang, director); and Siboney Shipping, Medley, Fla. (Kaye Graham, owner).

   The FMC also received NVO-ocean freight forwarder license applications from AHC Logistics Cargo Consultant, Doral, Fla. (Alberto Jose Hernandez Crassus, president); Express International Cargo Corp., Miami (Carlos Adolfo Marzol, president); Salviati and Santori Enterprises, Valley Stream, N.Y. (Francesco Santori, president); IPPCO Global Services, La Mirada, Calif. (Dina T. Gample, president); and Advanced Maritime Transports, Houston (William E. Netzinger III, president).

   Persons knowing of any reason why an applicant should not receive an OTI license are urged to contact the FMC’s Office of Transportation Intermediaries in Washington at (202) 523-5843.