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FreightCasts Weekly Recap (8/31-9/6)

Michael Vincent (left) and Timothy Dooner (right) host the popular simulcasted FreightWaves show, "WHAT THE TRUCK?!?" Image: FreightWaves

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  • Women moving America
    • Dooner and The Dude are talking to women who are moving America. From university classrooms to the cabs of big rigs, a whole new generation of leaders is emerging in the supply chain.
    • Plus, SONAR-powered data and freight flows, the trucking industry adding jobs, Prime vs. Prime, and Bad News/Good News concerning Safe Driver Week, Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza, and Disney’s Mulan.
    • With music from The Haraway Brothers.
    • This episode features Lisa Ellram, university distinguished professor, Miami University; WIll Haraway, founder, Lead Coverage; Ingrid Brown, owner-operator, Rollin’ B; and Kalissa Carver, “Big Rig Barbie.”
  • Back to trucking school
    • Dooner and The Dude are going back to school…trucking school, that is. They talk about outbound tender volumes reaching new heights and how that freight surge could hamper storm recovery efforts. They learn the art of starting a trucking company and dispatch, hear about life on the road from the most stylish driver on 18-wheels, and find out how potential MPG could be a game-changer for fuel efficiency.
    • This episode features Alix Burton, fleet owner, Good Energy Worldwide; Freight Bambino, trucker; Alan Farnsworth, CEO, Vnomics Corp.
    • And, this week’s Big and Little Deals features a railway poaching $48.9 million settlement, Russian hackers trying to infiltrate Tesla, cold storage for COVID-19 vaccines, Amazon judging the tone of your voice, and the passing of Chadwick Boseman.

FreightWaves Carrier Summit

  • Fireside chat: Getting real on driver recruitment, retention costs
    • Chad Hendricks, president of Brand Outcomes said companies will say retention is really important, and have metrics they are tracking, but those KPIs, he said often “don’t match up to the actual health of the organization.”Hendricks and Max Farrell, CEO of Workhound, a feedback platform for frontline workers, participated in a fireside chat about driver turnover during FreightWaves’ Carrier Summit today.
  • Fireside chat: Know your freight network to unlock profits
    • Garner Trucking President and CEO Sherri Brumbaugh talks with KSM Transport Advisors President David Roush during the FreightWaves Carrier Summit.
  • Fireside chat: Driver recruiting as an HR strategy
    • Motor carriers agree that competition is fierce to find and hire qualified truck drivers. It often can be a race to see which company can successfully help applicants navigate the hiring process first. Kevin Hill, director of research at FreightWaves, discussed how to avoid legal HR pitfalls when recruiting drivers with David Robinson, a labor and employment law partner at the Scopelitis Law Firm, during a virtual fireside chat at the FreightWaves Carrier SummitArticleFreightWaves virtual events.
  • Fireside chat: The data on driver recruitment in the age of COVID
    • Successfully hiring a driver during the current iteration of the driver squeeze could mean acting on an application within five minutes of receiving it. That was the observation of Tim Crawford, the CEO of Tenstreet, which offers a suite of software solutions that among other things is used by companies and drivers looking for new employees or new employers, respectively. Crawford was interviewed on the second day of FreightWaves’ Carrier Summit by Rob Hatchett, the president of recruiting agency SeatMyTrucks.

Midday Market Update

  • The state of capacity on land and by sea
    • On Midday Market Update, Kevin Hill and Michael Vincent talk about SONAR-powered data, issues and the news that move you.
    • They’re joined by Chris Richards, international sales manager at Steam Logistics, and Ryan Houfek, CCO at DCLI.
    • This is a live interactive event. Viewers are encouraged to comment and call in during broadcasts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 p.m. EST on FreightWaves’ Linkedin and Facebook channels.

Put That Coffee Down

  • Carrier sales and negotiation
    • Dooner and Kevin Hill talk about carrier sales and the art of negotiation. They discuss how to find and select carriers and weed out bad methods for sourcing, as well as define what matters during negotiations.
    • This episode features Jake McLeod, CCO, RPM. Jake has experience and education on both sides of the bun. He is a Michigan Wolverine who, like Rodney Dangerfield, went back to school and got his master’s in supply chain management from Eastern Michigan University. He has worked for XPO, Ryder and now RPM.
    • Plus, listener feedback, advice and community building!


  • Getting to the root of the problem!
    • Zach and Anthony cover the latest in the freight economy. Special guest and Senior Economist Dustin Jalbert joins to discuss the lumber market.

Drilling Deep

  • The mental state of drivers dealing with the pandemic
    • Michael Lemke talks about the mental strain on drivers who are keeping the U.S. supply chain afloat during the pandemic. 
    • Lemke is a professor at the University of Houston-Downtown and he is a former driver. So, he’s studied the profession from the inside and the outside. The pandemic has put a whole different sort of strain on those behind the wheel, and Lemke joins Drilling Deep to talk about it. 
    • Also on Drilling Deep, host John Kingston discusses why the price of oil, though trending higher gradually since early June, may have reached a high point for now. There are lots of things suggesting that prices may be trending lower.

On The Spot

FreightWaves Morning Minute

  • Monday-Friday
    • The fastest minute in freight.
    • The top headlines from every weekday morning. Available on, your favorite podcasts player and Alexa by adding the skill “FreightWaves.”

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