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Fulfillment worthy of 5 stars — Point of Sale

What it takes to compete in fulfillment strategies

E-commerce penetration accelerated greatly due to the coronavirus and now retailers are having to balance these new consumer expectations with long-term profitability. There are a few major fulfillment methods being implemented across the retail sector, but which is the best and will win out in the long run? 

Andrew Cox found out in this episode of Point of Sale. He welcomed Rick Watson, founder and CEO of RMW Commerce Consulting, to talk about how he consults retailers on e-commerce operations.

Watson detailed different fulfillment strategies, what goes into choosing a certain method and how smaller retailers should approach the arms race among Amazon, Walmart and Target.

Watson said a competitive fulfillment strategy has to come from a company identifying several key points: its strengths, its available resources, its consumer desires and its identity as a brand. 

He said small retailers aren’t locked out when it comes to competing with big-box stores. In fact, small businesses may have a bit of an edge because of the ability to connect and cater to customers on a more personalized basis.

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