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GXO Logistics to close 2 Texas facilities, lay off 262 workers

Dismissals related to Pepsi ceasing operations at 2 Dallas-area warehouses

Freight forwarder GXO Logistics said the layoffs are due to client Pepsi ceasing operations at the two facilities. (Photo: GXO Logistics)

Connecticut-based GXO Logistics (NYSE: GXO) is laying off 262 employees from two warehouse operations in the Dallas area, according to recent notices sent to Texas officials.

The 262 employees will be terminated by Dec. 10. The logistics provider said the layoffs were needed because client Pepsi decided to end its operations at the two warehouses.

The layoffs include 56 workers from a facility in Dallas and 206 from a logistics warehouse in nearby Lancaster. 

“GXO will be ceasing operations [at the facility] where GXO provides services for Pepsi, no later than Dec. 10. All GXO operations will cease and all GXO employees at the facility will be impacted,” the company said in a filing with the Texas Workforce Commission. 

The layoffs arrive a week after GXO announced plans to hire as many as 22,000 global employees to support the holiday peak season. The new employees will be spread across several countries in the company’s network, including about 4,000 workers in the U.S. 

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