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ICC calls for immediate action against piracy

ICC calls for immediate action against piracy

   The International Chamber of Commerce Thursday urged governments to take action against the increasing number of pirate attacks taking place off the Somali Coast.

   ICC, whose International Maritime Bureau tracks piracy incidents, issued a call for action at the International Transport Forum taking place in Leipzig, Germany, through Friday.

   The past year has witnessed an escalation in both violence and the number of attacks on ships and their crew, the ICC said.

   According to the International Maritime Bureau, there were 219 attacks in 2010 off Somalia, in which 49 vessels were hijacked and 1,016 crewmembers taken hostage.

   It noted that despite measures taken by the United Nations Security Council and the presence of naval units in the area of the Gulf of Aden, pirates continue to strike. More ship owners have had to resort to using private security firms to protect their seafarers and ships.

   In 2010, the One Earth Foundation estimated the economic cost of piracy on the supply chain at $7 billion to $12 billion.