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IQMS launches shipping management module

   IQMS, a manufacturing ERP software developer, has released a new shipping and distribution management module, Shipping Manager, to provide better information and order integration.
   IQMS said its Shipping Manager product allows customers to send real-time data to and from common freight and parcel carrier systems, such as FedEx and UPS, from within EnterpriseIQ. The company’s EnterpriseIQ is its manufacturing ERP software that allows customers to monitor, track, trace and communicate manufacturing and business data throughout the supply chain.
   Shipping Manager can automatically populate the package’s weight through scale interfaces, component weight data and other various methods, giving up-to-the-minute shipping rates. It can also be setup to automatically enter the shipping address and monitor tracking numbers.
   IQMS said that its service is certified by FedEx and UPS and can facilitate international shipping, through the creation of commercial invoices, including multiple currencies, export declarations and NAFTA certificates of origin.

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