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Are Uber’s market share gains worth the burn?

Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

Today, Andrew and Kevin discuss first-quarter earnings before FreightWaves Lead Economist Anthony Smith makes an appearance to chat about unemployment.

As always, thanks to CarrierDirect for their research contributions.


  1. Dave

    They don’t know the business and none of us who’ve lived our lives in this business take them seriously. Even the shippers I know that use them admit they are just taking advantage of the stupid low rates while it lasts.

    1. Mark

      Dave you appear to be an Uber Freight hater……… maybe all that time you have spent on the phone with shippers could translate into freight for you to broker rather than trolling freightwaves insulting people

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Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill is the executive publisher at FreightWaves, where he formerly served as director of editorial and research. Kevin is also the host of Put That Coffee Down, the popular freight sales podcast, a former freight broker and the founder of CarrierLists. Kevin holds an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.