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Rapid-fire pitch: J.B. Hunt’s third version of Carrier 360 aims to ease load matching

Mark Brewer, head of product innovation at J.B. Hunt Transport

With $150 million in transactions, J.B. Hunt’s online freight-matching business, 360 Marketplace, is a growing part of its non-asset based business. At the heart of it is the Carrier 360 app for drivers to find loads.

J.B. Hunt’s head of product innovation Mark Brewer demonstrated the just released third version of the app at MarketWaves 18, an app that debuted in 2016. Along with making it easier to find loads, he says the app eases the book- and record-keeping burden of hauling freight.  

J.B. Hunt “really built it from the ground up for drivers, owner-operators, carriers and dispatchers,” Brewer said. “I’m going to show you the the day in the life of a load and how easy it is for a driver to make an offer, get moving and then get paid.”

Carrier 360 allows drivers to search for a load based on parameters such as current location or next destination, as well as specific trade lanes and distances. Drivers see the shipper’s bid for the load and what other current offers are for carrying the freight.

For owner-operators that look at per-mile costs, Carrier 360 will translate the flat fee to revenue per mile. Drivers can also set conditions such as a response deadline for a shipper to accept  an offer.

Once at a shipper’s dock, the app will record the amount of time spent at the location. If the driver is delayed longer than what is agreed upon, Carrier 360 will suggest recording any detention charges. Drivers can also use the phone’s camera to upload any shipper documents. Drivers are also able to provide feedback on their experience at the shippers’ facilities.   

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