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JBC International helps train Russian Customs officers

JBC International helps train Russian Customs officers

JBC International has signed a contract to develop training and distance learning programs for Russia’s Federal Customs Service.

   Russian Customs “is developing a strong program for customs modernization, and this project will play an integral role in that process,” said JBC President Jason Clawson, in a statement Friday. The project is expected to start immediately.

   The training and distance learning development program comprises part of a $140 million customs modernization effort in Russia, which is funded through a loan from the World Bank. The overall effort includes the implementation of a new customs code, development of advanced computer systems, promotion of modern customs clearance procedures, and adoption of stronger standards in professional ethics.

   This customs modernization also comes as Russia moves toward accession to the World Trade Organization. “As Russia moves closer to WTO membership, a successful modernization of its customs administration will greatly enhance its ability to participate in a trade friendly international marketplace,” Clawson said.

   JBC will rely on a consortium of in-house and subcontracted consultants to develop the training and distance learning program. The group includes internationally recognized customs experts, specialists regarding Russian Customs, and high-end information technology and training program authorities.