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Long Beach port considers tariff increase for pilotage

Long Beach port considers tariff increase for pilotage

   The Port of Long Beach's governing body today will consider increasing pilotage fees in and out of the port by 10 percent.

   The tariff increase could add an average of $212 per vessel call, as well as an average of about $20 per vessel for assessed tonnage. Large containerships, such as the CMA CGM's 8,200-TEU container vessel 'Pacific Link,' could see the rates add an extra $470 or more per Long Beach visit. A vessel such as the 'Pacific Link,' according to specifications in the port’s tariff, now pays about $5,000 per visit in pilotage fees.

   The fees, to pay for a local pilot guiding the vessel to and from a berth at the port, are based on the length and deadweight tonnage of the vessel as recorded in the Lloyd's Register.

   Federal law requires a pilot onboard any vessel larger than 300 gross tons that transits past the federal breakwater protecting the Long Beach harbor. U.S.-flagged fishing vessels, U.S.-flagged vessels with licensed pilot crewmembers, vessels shifting position in the harbor, military vessels, and vessels under flat tow are exempt from the charges.