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Los Angeles-Long Beach volume up 9% in January

Los Angeles-Long Beach volume up 9% in January

   Container traffic at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach increased 9 percent in January to 1.19 million TEUs, compared to 1.09 million TEUs in the same month last year.

   The port of Los Angeles reported a 5.1 percent rise in its box throughput to 620,275 TEUs in January from 590,178 TEUs in January 2005. Loaded inbound traffic increased 7.8 percent to 321,696 TEUs, while loaded outbound volume went up 20.6 percent to 100,408 TEUs. Total loaded containers improved 10.6 percent to 422,104 TEUs in January when compared to the same month in 2005. The number of empty containers handled at the port dropped 4 percent to 198,170 TEUs.

   The Port of Long Beach handled 579,455 TEUs in January, a 13.7 percent increase over 509,597 TEUs in January 2005.

   Export container volume at the Port of Long Beach jumped 22.3 percent to 99,740 TEUs, from 81,580 TEUs a year ago. Imports grew 16.2 percent to 293,855 TEUs, from 252,785 TEUs with empties rising 6.1 percent to 185,860 TEUs.