American Shipper



   Dave Lucia, a co-founder and co-owner of World Cargo Alliance, has formed a new forwarder network, Security Cargo Network.

   Security Cargo Network, launched May 1, has 13 member companies operating 24 offices in 12 countries. The network is operated by Lucia's company, Security Cargo Network Inc., and will have a non-exclusive structure.

   'I've learned from experience that the main things forwarders want from a network are access to trusted agents, a third part standing by to help mediate in problem or dispute situations, and good communications within the group,' Lucia said.

   One feature of the network is SecurityPlus!, a payment guarantee program that protects members for up to $10,000 against the bankruptcy or extreme default of another member company. A defined portion of the membership fees will go into a special fund to back the program, and the fund will be administered with the help of the member-based technical industry advisory panel.

   Lucia said his primary goal is not to create a network as large as the World Cargo Alliance, but 'to build as broad market coverage as possible around the world and to offer a choice of companies to work with.'