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Maersk Sealand’s global $6-per-box security charge on shippers

Maersk Sealand’s global $6-per-box security charge on shippers

   Maersk Sealand said it will invoice shippers globally a “carrier security charge” of $6 per container, effective Oct. 2.

   The cost of complying with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code “will result in separate ocean carrier and terminal security charges,” the Danish mega-carrier said in a general notice.

   It said the ocean carrier costs elements associated with ISPS code compliance include: vessel security risk assessment; vessel certification; related security implementation; and administrative and operational expenses.

   The $6-per-box charge, payable by cargo interests, is meant to cover the costs incurred by the carrier.

   “In addition to the ‘carrier security surcharge,’ origin and/or destination ‘terminal security’ charges will be passed on separately as these charges are verified as acceptable and reasonable,” Maersk Sealand said. Several terminals have already indicated that they will soon introduce ISPS charges, collected from the shipping lines. Maersk Sealand wants to pass on such terminal charges to shippers.

   “We will audit these ISPS related costs to ensure that the amount is reasonable and that it does not include a profit element to the terminals,” the carrier said.

   The Maersk Sealand calculation and reinvoicing mechanisms on security surcharges are similar to those announced in August by the Far East Freight Conference, the largest carrier group in European trades. For containers moved to or from ports in northern Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic and Mediterranean, the Far East Freight Conference said its carrier members will invoice shippers an ISPS charge of 5 euros (about $6) per container.