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Mexico City firm launches new digital platform to help customers track cargo from global markets

Freight forwarders Eternity México recently launched ELIS, a new platform to track international freight shipments. Courtesy photo

Eternity México recently launched ELIS, a new cloud-based platform to track international freight shipments in real-time between major markets from Asia to Latin America.

ELIS (Eternity Logistics Intelligent System) was unveiled recently during Eternity México’s two-year anniversary celebration in Mexico City, where company officials also unveiled a new logo and rebranding campaign.

Nicolás Portenza, president of Eternity México, said ELIS offers a “win-win situation,” in which customers can have accurate cost management of shipping freight, while mitigating human “mistakes.” 

“ELIS is a fully integrated system that allows our customers to have real-time visibility of each purchase order from the start,” Portenza said. “With ELIS, customers will be automatically informed of every single shipping status along the way, will improve time leads, will avoid hidden fees and extra charges, will improve stock management among many other data analytics-driven benefits. 

With ELIS, Portenza said the company’s goal is to use advanced technology to improve customers’ experience “when they manage global logistics operations in Latin America.”

Portenza also stated, “This is a new race that never ends, it is a new era for freight forwarders and logistics players. Our energy is oriented to develop better digital tools to make life easier for our customers. That is ELIS.” 

Portenza described that using ELIS is as easy as using the UBER app on a mobile phone to hail a ride. 

“It’s as easy as getting your taxi on a mobile app – it provides everything the client needs to know about their shipment – location, documents, days of delay, costs, even an analysis of incidents to propose solution strategies,” Portenza said. “ELIS interacts with other supply chain actors to analyze the information through smart data dynamics within a friendly dashboard.”

Nicolás Portenza, president of Eternity México

As freight forwarders, Eternity México uses everything from container ships, airlines, trucks and rail to create intermodal and multimodal solutions for clients, Portenza said.

Eternity México is part of Hong Kong-based Eternity Group, a global freight forwarder founded in 1989. The Eternity Group operates 15 offices in China and Panama, shipping freight throughout Asia and to/from the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America.

The company works with the transport of all types of cargo, including project cargo, while it’s core volume comes through general cargo.

“We can offer chartered services as well, as we did for one customer, which is one of the largest global brewing companies. Just three months after our grand opening in Mexico, we performed a highly complex air charter operation to transport 160 tons of beer from Mexico to Japan,” Portenza said.

Portenza is a long-time logistics executive with 17 years of experience operating mainly in Latin America and Asia. Portenza helped start Eternity México.

“The Eternity Group decided to establish its own operation in Mexico, so this year we are celebrating our second anniversary and other relevant achievements,” Portenza said. 

In addition to recently launching ELIS, Eternity Mexico also opened branch offices in the Mexican cities of Monterrey and San Luis Potosi.

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