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Mitsubishi Motors returns to Jacksonville

Mitsubishi Motors returns to Jacksonville

   After several years absence, Mitsubishi Motors North America Inc. is returning to the port of Jacksonville’s Blount Island Marine Terminal to import cars from Japan for distribution throughout the U.S. Southeast.

   After leaving Jacksonville, Mitsubishi shipped its vehicles through the port of Brunswick.

   Mitsubishi’s first return shipment to Jacksonville is expected to arrive in April. Mitsubishi plans to import about 15,000 units annually and could double that number in the next few years, then continue to grow its imports as U.S. sales increase, the Jacksonville Port Authority said.

   Jacksonville-based American Port Services, Mitsubishi’s Blount Island automobile processor, will make modifications and improvements to the vehicles upon their arrival from Japan in preparation for distribution to U.S. auto dealers.

   The port of Jacksonville processed more than 530,000 vehicles in fiscal year 2004, the authority said.