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Nuvocargo upgrades cargo shipment visibility platform

Updates include real-time notifications and ability to monitor Mexico shipments

Deepak Chhugani founded New York-based Nuvocargo in August 2019 as a digital marketplace for door-to-door freight transportation between the U.S. and Mexico. (Photo: FreightWaves Staff)

Nuvocargo recently updated its platform to include bilingual tracking features, as well as tools to provide shippers with more visibility for U.S.-Mexico cargo shipments.

The new visibility tools triple the number of tracking points available for customers to monitor their cross-border shipment in real time on Nuvocargo’s platform, Deepak Chhugani, founder and CEO, said in a release.

“These new tracking notifications give our customers access to more visibility, knowing exactly the moment their shipments arrived and crossed the border, eliminating a huge pain point for shippers,” Chhugani said.

Chhugani said the new cargo tracking points include: arrived at origin, loading, waiting for paperwork, picked up from origin, arrived at border, crossed border, arrived at destination, unloading and delivered to destination.

The updated cross-border tracking features are also now available in English and Spanish on Nuvocargo’s digital platform for U.S.-Mexico shipping.

“Shipping cargo across the border requires working with experts with dominance in technical and operational fields; Nuvocargo’s bilingual team delivers that service to our customers,” Chhugani said.

Nuvocargo customers in Mexico said the bilingual tracking platform speeds up the ability to locate their shipments on both sides of the border.

“We transport delicate perishable food, so being able to track our cargo gives us the opportunity to prepare everything in advance,” said Alfredo Rodriguez, vice president of logistics at Mexico City-based Land & Sea.

Land & Sea is an importer and exporter of meat products for a holding company that owns several restaurant chains across Mexico.

“For perishable products, the riskiest moment is getting clearance from Mexico customs,” Rodriguez said. “Having the peace of mind that we can track our cargo every step of the way is valuable.”

Chhugani founded New York-based Nuvocargo in August 2019 as a digital marketplace for door-to-door freight transportation, serving trade routes between the U.S. and Mexico.

Chhugani and his team have grown from a handful of employees to more than 25 people on both sides of the border. The company also has an office in Mexico City.

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