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Rapid-fire pitch: Orbcomm’s FleetManager puts analytics within easy reach

Orbcomm is already a leader in the telematics space, with 2.2 million devices enabled across a trucks, dry and refrigerated trailers, chassis and containers. But the question for fleet managers is how to integrate and view those assets in an easy-to-digest format.

To that end, Orbcomm introduced its FleetManager service, a cloud-based analytics and information management portal, enabling a company to  for viewing an array of data on itsa company’s truck fleet.

“It’s definitely a game -changer with an emphasis on compliance, safety and performance,” said Orbcomm vice president Mark Spicer. During its presentation at MarketWaves 18, FleetManager’s ability to monitoring driver behavior, driver trends, provide scorecards, dashboards and other features was highlighted.

According to Orbcomm engineer Chris Corlee, FleetManager is a “consolidated application that not only allows you to view your tractors, trailers and driver information, but also allows analytics and integration with transportation management software partners.”

Trucks can be clustered by different model types and years in FleetManager. Clicking on a tab for a particular cluster brings up location information for the truck, its fuel level and duty cycle, as well as a host of information on the driver.

Fleet managers can view driver events, how long they have been driving, their full two-way communication and also when they need to take their next break.

That information can then be fed into scoreboards and dashboards for drivers to see how they perform. Corlee says the scoreboards and dashboards can provide coaching to a drivers on when they are shifting too early for a given RPM or spending too much time in a gear range at a particular speed. The FleetManager dashboard can also perform analytics around reaction time between throttling and braking to ensure drivers are not following too closely or otherwise being distracted.

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