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Previewing the Net-Zero Carbon Summit

Convoy to sponsor FreightWaves’ event focused on sustainability in supply chains

Convoy is preparing for FreightWaves’ second annual Net-Zero Carbon Summit, taking place Friday. Dan Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Convoy, will be speaking with Joy Tuffield, of Generation Investment Management, during the keynote fireside chat. 

Lewis and Tuffield will discuss the important and necessary roles that partnership and collaboration play in making supply chains more sustainable. They will also talk about the latest trend of traditional approaches being increasingly outperformed by sustainable products and services. 

Danny Gomez, managing director of financial and emerging markets at FreightWaves, will host the chat.

Tuffield is a partner at Generation, an investment management firm co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore. Generation has been helping to instigate sustainable investments since 2004. 

“What Generation represents is similar to that of what we have been doing this last year — talking to companies that are committed to reducing emissions and doing their part,” Gomez said. “In regards to actually investing, [Generation is proving] that the traditional ways of approaching business aren’t necessarily always the only way. There are new and innovative ways to approach efficiency and reduce emissions.”

In addition to Lewis and Tuffield, the summit will feature speakers from across the industry discussing topics such as government policies, carbon markets and alternative fuel technologies.

“If you look at the news from the last year and try to narrow down the most talked about topics that people care about — it’s sustainability and supply chain,” said Tyler Cole, director of carbon intelligence at FreightWaves. “The agenda is really packed. It is very indicative of the market and how the freight industry is trying to figure out this whole sustainability topic and where to make an impact,” Cole said. “It’s going to be an exciting summit.”

Britni Chisenall

Britni Chisenall is a sponsored content writer for FreightWaves. She lives in Ooltewah, TN with her husband, Garrett and her cat, Lily. Britni is a graduate of Dalton State College.