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project44 introduces global preferred carriers program

project44 introduces global preferred carriers program (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Logistics visibility company project44 has announced a Global Preferred Carriers Program that seeks to recognize less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload carriers in the project44 network that have maintained a distinguished record across multiple loads. Shippers can now benefit from this program by approaching carriers with a stellar record, ensuring higher service levels and increased network stability. 

Every month, the program will publish a list of carriers that have demonstrated excellence in performance based on multiple parameters. “Those included on the list are awarded with the tracking compliance badge representing that a particular carrier has met project44’s rigorous tracking standards, including high tracking percentages across multiple loads, consistent delivery of high-fidelity data, and commitment to real-time shipment visibility,” said project44 in a statement. 

project44 estimates that preferred carriers stand to gain new opportunities from over 300 enterprise customers, representing $57 billion of managed freight, and also other strategic, multi-year partnerships. 

The preferred carriers list is populated with 320 LTL and truckload carriers every month, including carriers from Top200 in Europe, Top100 in North America, and Top20 in Latin America. 

Data from project44 shows that truckload carriers visible on the network are four times more likely to win new loads and customers. Carriers that made to the list have recognized the impact the preferred status has had over their business. 

“Capacity is tight, and trucking conditions have been changed dramatically and rapidly,” said Wendi Fitzsimmons, project and IT manager at Volpe Dedicated, a North American carrier with nearly 100 years of truckload experience. “With a streamlined data-sharing process, we were able to provide a competitive customer experience by balancing pricing and on-time delivery. As a result, we’re equipped to bypass transactional interactions and invest our resources in building long-term strategic partnerships with our customers.” 

project44 has continued to push boundaries for making freight operations more transparent and in democratizing access to freight. In May, the company announced a breakthrough in global multimodal visibility, enabling shippers and logistics service providers to have air freight and groupage visibility, along with expanded global ocean coverage. 

With these capabilities, global shippers can fill visibility gaps in end-to-end freight movement, helping proactively ensure seamless downstream activities. 

Another major announcement in March was a service level agreement (SLA), which will ensure 90% of a shipper’s contracted carriers in North America and Europe go live within 30 days of commencing implementation. At the time of the announcement, 48% of project44’s carriers achieved live status within one day of joining the network, and 81% went live within 10 days. 

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