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Recruitment problems in a post-pandemic landscape — Midday Market Update

How COVID has changed what people want in a career

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way that people work over the past year, and as more people return to normal employment, employers are having to shift offerings to appeal to job seekers. 

On this episode of Midday Market Update, Kaylee Nix and Michael Vincent hear about how that shift applies to the logistics industry and across all transportation sectors. 

They welcome John Bowes, founder and CEO at Freight Trucking Inc., to talk about how he made the transition back into asset trucking after helping get FreightWaves off the ground. Bowes explains his management style and goals for Freight Trucking as well as what he thinks asset trucking will look like the rest of the year. 

Next, Hunter Whirely from FPC Riverwood gives his perspective on hiring tactics post-pandemic for mid- to upper-level management positions. He says people want more flexibility but also more capability from potential employers now; the pandemic has also shifted desires for wages and working conditions, like the ability to work from home. 

Last up is Baton co-founder Nate Robert. He explains how Baton is aiming to shift the world of driver productivity to a better state. Baton’s goal is to minimize time drivers spend in urban traffic by creating small, local fleets that take long-haul loads from specific drop yards outside major cities and deliver them to warehouses.

Robert says this transition would greatly increase opportunity for drivers because it would offer a better day-to-day schedule and would be appealing since drivers would not have to spend weeks on the road. 

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Kaylee Nix

Kaylee Nix is a meteorologist and reporter for FreightWaves. She joined the company in November of 2020 after spending two years as a broadcast meteorologist for a local television channel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Kaylee graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2018 and immediately made the Tennessee Valley her home. Kaylee creates written summaries of FreightWaves live podcasts and cultivates the social media for FreightWaves TV.