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Selling the right spot — Put That Coffee Down

Why there is not just a single spot market

Spot rates are all over the place in the current freight market and brokers need to understand how to work each different spot. On this episode of Put That Coffee Down, Kevin Hill walks you through each different market and what you need to know to be successful across the board. 

Hill again welcomes FreightWaves SONAR account executive Richie Daigle as his co-host to discuss how spot markets are the wild card in freight — you never know what you are going to get. 

They say spot rates are like ERAs (earned run averages) for a pitcher in baseball. The lower the spot is, the calmer the game (market) is. 

Daigle and Hill bring on Omar Singh, president and founder of Surge Transportation, to talk about his recent article, “7 Steps to Strategic Partnership Between Shipper and Service Provider.”

Building that strategic partnership will develop a broker’s understanding of those different spot markets — and help knock sales and customer service out of the park. 

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