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ShipBob offers carbon offsets for e-commerce brands through Pachama

Option to create a carbon-neutral shipping process appeals to many retailers

E-commerce fulfillment company ShipBob has partnered with data-driven carbon marketplace Pachama to offer brands a carbon-neutral shipping option through the purchase of carbon offsets for forest projects, including the Amazon rainforest. (Photo: lubasi/Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)

E-commerce fulfillment company ShipBob is the latest to jump into the carbon offset business. The company, with 16 global facilities, will utilize Pachama to provide 100% carbon-neutral options for brands using the ShipBob platform.

“With e-commerce experiencing incredible growth, it’s important to consider sustainability,” said Dhruv Saxena, CEO and co-founder of ShipBob. “That’s why we appreciate the strides and innovation Pachama has brought to the industry and why we are a customer of Pachama as well. We need to lead by example and practice what we preach. Our mission is to democratize fulfillment for companies of all sizes around the world, and to do this, we must consider the impact it has on the Earth.”

Pachama uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to verify the carbon offsets it purchases are providing actual benefit. The technology remotely verifies projects to ensure adherence to international standards for carbon credits. Pachama customers are able to buy credits for up to five projects to include in a carbon portfolio.

The company also measures a business’s carbon impact and works with it to select relevant projects. The company counts Microsoft, GitLab, Shopify, Softbank and Glovo among its global customers. ShipBob is a customer of Pachama itself and said it is now a carbon-neutral fulfillment company, offsetting 100% of its carbon footprint for its entire network.

Michael Klein, managing director of wellness company Herbaly, said ShipBob presented Pachama and its benefits to the company.

“Our goal was simple: to offset carbon emissions,” said Klein. “In our search for the right partner, ShipBob was proactive in presenting Pachama. They met all of our criteria in terms of automation, transparency and integrity. We can now share accurate data with our customers regarding the success of our reforestation initiatives, thanks to ShipBob and Pachama.”

ShipBob customers using the Pachama tool will see monthly shipping emissions calculations tracked by Pachama. They can use an app to purchase carbon credits as well as offers tools to allow brands to share their commitment to sustainability, ShipBob said.

Pachama has verified forest projects ranging from the North Atlantic coast of the U.S. to the Amazon rainforest.

To become 100% carbon-neutral in order fulfillment, customers can install the Pachama integration from the apps and integrations page of the ShipBob dashboard.

ShipBob has raised $130.5 million in funding. Pachama is backed by some of the top venture capital funds focused on climate tech, including Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Amazon Climate Fund, LowerCarbon Capital, Saltwater and Y Combinator.

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