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Shippers be nimble, shippers be quick – to survive

Emerge offers mini bids to keep shippers flexible

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The past couple years have made it clear that rapid market shifts are simply part of doing business in the transportation and logistics industry. How a company reacts to those changes has the power to make or break them, either growing their bottom line or plunging them into the red. 

“COVID has massively disrupted supply chains and changed consumer behaviors,” Kyle Jepson, Emerge Senior Vice President of Product said. “It has had a huge impact on the need for shippers to adjust to changes in the supply chain.”

Rates are at a historic high, and the uncertainty of the market makes it difficult to predict when this will change. Due to this, many shippers are hesitant to sign new contracts and lock in sky-high rates. 

When the market shifts, flexibility is the key to acting fast and capitalizing on new opportunities. Despite this, many processes in the industry can be quite rigid. But shippers can take steps to grow their flexibility. 

One of the first things shippers need to do when creating a more nimble supply chain is to honestly evaluate the risks within their network and be proactive about addressing them. According to Jepson, that means using data to their advantage, investing in flexible management tools and building a network that is equipped to respond to new opportunities. 

Partnering with a well-equipped third-party company allows shippers to take the necessary steps to add flexibility to their supply chains without breaking the bank or going through multiple lengthy implementation processes. Emerge helps shippers conquer all three steps by offering a cutting-edge management solution, spot protection and real-time data. 

Emerge helps shippers gain the flexibility they crave by shortening and simplifying the shipper bid cycle. The Emerge Digital Freight Marketplace helps shippers manage both their spot and contract freight in a pliable and easy way. 

Emerge’s contract management offerings are where shippers stand to gain the most increased flexibility over their current approach. With Emerge, shippers can respond to market shifts and seasonality via mini bids. These quick, shorter-term contracts are great for completing projects, responding to unexpected changes and simply making a supply chain more nimble. Emerge also offers route guides and spot protection, ensuring the entire process is as efficient as possible.

When it comes to spot management, Emerge helps shippers save time and money by allowing them access to competitive rates and vetted carriers, as well as real-time communication and tracking tools. 

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