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SoCal truckers to hold port truck plan meeting

SoCal truckers to hold port truck plan meeting

Members of six transportation and logistics associations will hold a closed-door meeting on April 22 in Long Beach to discuss the Southern California ports’ drayage overhaul plan.

   Open to members of the American Trucking Association, the Arizona Trucking Association, the Washington Trucking Association, Harbor Truckers for a Sustainable Future, and the International Warehouse Logistics Association, the meeting will focus on providing attendees with information about the various programs of the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports’ $2.2 billion truck plan.

   The first phase of the plan, a ban on all pre-1989 trucks in the nearly 17,000-strong Southern California drayage fleet, is set to take effect Oct. 1.

   Curtis Whalen, executive director of the ATA’s Intermodal Motor Carrier Conference, is one of the meeting’s scheduled speakers.

   Topics of the meeting include:

   ' Timing of the Los Angeles-Long Beach plan and other similar plans being considered at other West Coast ports.

   ' Proposed criteria for trucking firms to obtain a port access license under the plan.

   ' Pending truck regulations from the California Air Resources Board.

   ' Possible impacts of the Transportation Worker Identification Credential.

   ' The U.S. Federal Maritime Commission's role in the truck plan.

   ' Discussion of potential industry litigation against the ports regarding the truck plan.