Chart updates and darker screens make latest SONAR update


  • “View Symbol Metadata” functionality implemented
  • “Add Symbol to Watchlist” functionality implemented. For the current release, clicking “Add Symbol to Watchlist” spawns a new watchlist with that symbol. In the next release, a user will be able to add a symbol to an existing watchlist in addition to spawning a new watchlist with that symbol
  • Added option to compare symbols in “Absolute” or “Relative” mode. In Absolute mode, the y-axis shows the actual values. In Relative mode, the y-axis shows percentages. This setting is accessible under the “Display” menu in the chart.
  • User can now specify a custom date range (via the box to the right of “All”).
  • Added setting to show / hide FreightWaves watermark
  • The height of the search results box has been limited based on the search results (not full height unless necessary)
  • Removed open/high/low/close from the rectangle at the top of the chart (which can be toggled on and off by clicking the chat icon in the top right of the chart)
  • We made a small coding change to fix the issue of the indefinite spinning circle that would sometimes happen when loading a symbol for the first time on a day. 

Dark Mode

  • Text is now easier to read throughout dark mode, as in various instances the background color was darkened and the text color was lightened

Light Mode

  • “Users” in the admin menu was incorrectly highlighted using the dark theme when viewing any pages related to users; this has been fixed
  • News articles were incorrectly highlighted using the dark theme; this has been fixed

Navigation Bar

  • Moved the “Knowledge” and “Contact Us” links from the profile menu to a help menu to make them easier to find. This help menu is accessible by clicking a “?” icon that’s to the left of the profile menu icon


  • Fixed a bug where the wrong widget was edited when there were multiple widgets in a window
  • (Applies to Watchlist and News Widgets) After savings your edits, the entire page no longer refreshes

User Management

  • After enabling a user, the message used to say “The user has been disabled”. It now correctly says “The user has been enabled”.

Pages Menu

  • When attempting to edit Default Pages as a User or Org Admin, the name of the default page is shown instead of the “Page Name” label and textbox (because Users and Org Admins can’t edit the name of Default Pages or anything else regarding Default Pages)
  • After clicking “Save Changes”, the entire page no longer refreshes


  • If there are multiple widgets on a page, they are now selectable via a dropdown menu instead of a dashboard
  • The “+” icon to add a widget has been removed from mobile (it would take up too much space if it were there)