New UX enhancements added to SONAR in latest release

The latest release of SONAR is light touch in terms of new features and data-sets, but there are fixes to the user interface. The goal of this release has been to address some of the frustrations of SONAR users. 

Here is the rundown of what you can expect in this new release that was uploaded Saturday night. 

Symbol Searching (Chart and Watchlist)

  • Add scrolling to symbol search results
  • In the name of the symbol, stop showing the abbreviation of the granularity type (e.g. X-Mkt) in parentheses and simply show the “description” from the database in parentheses. Examples: Tender Lead Time (Austin, TX), FreightOS Baltic Index (China Mediterranean). This fixed the problem of descriptions not showing for non-X-Mkt symbols.


  • Right-align and reduce size of price/vol rectangle so it’s not covering up index names
  • Fixed bug where y-axis doesn’t show when adding a weekly or monthly symbol for comparison and then selecting a custom date range for which the weekly or monthly symbol doesn’t have data
  • Fixed bug where dots are showing when comparing a daily symbol to a weekly or monthly symbol


  • By default, sort alphabetically based on name
  • Add ability to sort based on any column
  • Fixed bug where columns added by the user disappear after saving the watchlist


  • In “mobile mode”, if there are multiple widgets on a page, they are now selectable via a dropdown menu instead of a dashboard
  • In “mobile mode”, the ability to add widgets to pages has been removed (the “+” icon for adding widgets takes up too much space on mobile)
  • Added the ability to switch between desktop and mobile modes (which is accessible via the user’s profile menu dropdown in the top right corner of the screen).