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Stockton to gain lighting maker western DC

Stockton to gain lighting maker western DC

Aurora, Ohio-based lighting maker TCP Inc. said Friday it is moving its West Coast distribution center from the Sacramento area to a location in Stockton.

   The manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products such as compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs, said the move will meet rapid growth in the demand for its products. The Stockton location nearly 50 miles closer to the Bay Area and the Port of Oakland was also cited by TCP as a critical factor in the decision and would allow the firm to deliver products to 11 western states in a more timely fashion.

   The firm estimates that the 130,000-square-foot facility in Stockton will require a full-time staff of 30 people.

   The new facility, which is owned by commercial real estate giant ProLogis, can house more than 12 million lighting products and features a radio frequency identification device tracking system, 10 loading docks, and office and meeting spaces.

   TCP plans to open the facility July 1. With more than 15,000 employees worldwide, TCP reported 2007 sales of $300 million.